Two Sides of the Same Coin

Here is my entry for the Prestigious Writing Competetion 2015. It got the position of 1sr Runner-up. Please leave constructive criticism. God knows I can improve.


Nina felt desperation grip her. The beginning scene was supposed to be something unforgettable, something that anchored you to the story. Why did she have gaping holes in her memory of that near-perfect epic she had cooked up?

This would not do at all.

She sat up from bed, hands in her hair, and tried to remember it. By staring at the sheered rectangles of light on the wall in front of her, by closing her eyes and straining. Just one frame. One moment in the entire scene. One small thing her protagonist said. Anything!

Keeping her eyes closed made her drowsy, however. So, she opened them again. Her eyes darted from one corner of the dark room to another, as if the walls could tell her what she was missing. They fell on the outline of a phoenix. Its golden wings glowed in the soft silver light coming in from the windows. And that was when she remembered.

The last frame. The last moment that left the reader hanging on to the story for dear life. It was a tiny thing, but it was still something.

She kept her eyes on the phoenix, because she knew she would forget as soon as she moved her eyes. Whatever she planned tonight would have to be done with her eyes on the phoenix, and then carefully stored away.

“You’ll forget it,” her sister said softly from behind her. The comment made her jump and turn in one swift motion.

“I thought you were asleep!” Nina hissed in reply trying to calm her racing heart.

“How could I do that with you tossing in turning so frequently right next to me? At any rate, you’ll forget it again if you don’t do anything about it.”

Nina gulped at the truth behind those words. Already the frame was becoming hazy. She turned and pinpointed the phoenix once more. The last time she’d thought of some scenes for her epic was almost a month ago.

“You know, sis,” said the younger girl behind her in the same soft, half-sleepy voice.  “These things that you think about, they’re like dreams. The longer you wait the more you forget.”

“So?” replied the older girl defiantly.

“Which is why some people, such as myself, keep dream journals.”

“These have nothing to do with dreams.”

“All the more reason to do something. Write it down somewhere. Take notes. You’re planning, right? If you have it all in front of you you’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t.”

Nina rolled her eyes. As expected of Lina, who was a published author despite being younger than her. Spewing writing advice like it was some sort of universal truth. Somewhere in her mind, though, she knew that it probably would help.

“Go ahead,” Lina said, her voice muffled by the covers and her pillow. “Write it. I promise I won’t touch the table till you say it’s okay.” Nina turned slightly to gaze at her in suspicion. Lina poked a pair of crossed fingers out of the covers. “Bet it’ll be something really awesome.”


Lina stood over Nina’s shoulder, careful to not cast a shadow or make a sound, so as to not set Nina’s presence alarm on. She watched as her older sister battled with the suffocating mass of mush that accumulates when you begin something and leave it lying for a long time. Nina wrote a few lines, paused, and crossed them out. Wrote a few more, crossed them out as well. She continued to do this to the point that the paper looked battered enough to crumble into pieces on its own. She then ripped the page out, crumpled it into a ball and left in front of her, on the table with a bunch of other balls of paper.

Instinctively, Lina picked up the crumpled pages and threw them in the waste bin. Nina jumped visibly. “Keep your station clean, sis. That way you’re not discouraged by the number of times you mess up.”

“For how long have you been watching me?”

“Doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you’re forgetting things again. When was the last time you wrote?”

“What does that have to do with this?” Nina said rather angrily.

“It has everything to do with this,” Lina replied with an air of command she’d never used with her sister before. “When you begin a writing project, you cannot afford to forget the feel of any of the scenes. Before you start writing, when you’re planning, it’s fine to tamper around, but in both cases you need a routine-“

Nina shot up from the desk, shutting the notebook she was writing on, or rather, trying to write on, with a slam. “Stop acting like a know-it-all, pipsqueak.”

Lina put both hands on her sister’s shoulders, immediately sensing the underlying tension there. “Sis, trust me. I’ve been through this. There are some things you have to train yourself to do in order to bring out the best. Writing is one of them.”

Nina sighed. She sat back down, reopened her notebook and began to reread the things she wrote over a month ago. Lina went back to watching from the shadows.


Nina watched intently, with anticipation and impatience growing inside her simultaneously. In front of her, Lina was deeply engrossed in a part of Nina’s first novel’s manuscript.  She flipped the last page and groaned in dismay.

“How can you leave me hanging like this?! There has to be more! There just has to be!” Lina exclaimed, almost flinging the manuscript out the window in a dangerous motion.

“Whoa! That’s the only copy of that!” Nina yelped, immobilizing Lina mid-motion. Lina lowered it slowly. “And, yes. There is more. But first, tell me what you think so far,” Nina said expectantly.

Lina beamed in reply. “I knew it’d be super awesome,” she said in a proud tone. “Now, give me the rest.”

Nina smiled as well, and retrieved the remaining portion of the manuscript from the desk; a pile at least ten times as thick as the portion Lina had just finished reading. She dropped the pile into Lina’s waiting arms.

She used to think doing the same thing everyday took away the fun to it, that it ruined the creativity, that routine and creativity were polar opposites. How incredibly wrong she was. They were just two sides of the same coin. It was as simple as that. But the world would not see that unless they saw it, felt it with their own conscience.

She smiled to herself. She had the perfect idea for her next novel.


My Safe Haven

I walked through the silent, dark road. But it had never been this silent before. The chattering and hearty giggles of the little rosy children, their yellow hard caps glistening in the warm happy sunlight, rang in my ears. But this was all my imagination…because I have seen that horror – the horror that the great nations had brought and what snatched away all the happiness, all the peace, the little flickering memories I cherish in this ghastly moment of silence. I knew the silence would devour me eventually but for now, I had to let it slip past me because I had to complete something before losing myself. The only haven I have now is my room, where I lived so happily with my beautiful wife and my sweet young daughter even a few hours ago. But ‘haven’ is not the right word anymore…because the only two people I cared and loved the most in my life has forever faded away. Few minutes before, my comrade Lieutenant Hernandez informed me that…the dead bodies of my sweet wife and child were found in my room. They were killed, I knew. I don’t know how I accepted this so easily, I never thought I would. So, now I’m walking to that room, to my room. It would be my end soon, I knew. My left arm was bleeding and I really didn’t care about the two bullets under my ribs because… I wanted to meet them and I want to be with them for eternity.

I stood in front of my half-blasted home. There was hardly any existence of walls; ashes covered the tiles which were not intact either. I had never felt the need to sweep them and when Angelina wanted to, I refused saying that this ash will be a sign of our suffering, the war which we fought even though we thought we had peace. I lazily walked in straight, ignoring everything that was in my way. I knew those two were waiting for me and I had to return to them. My left arm ached. I clutched my chest and stood in front of the steel door of my room. It was half open and I knew why. I slightly pushed the door with my right hand and the door swung open. I felt my heart sinking when I saw that my Angelina and Josephina were not there. I wanted to find them so desperately but as
I was going to turn, my leg slipped and I dropped down. I had to stand up, I had to find them but I was so helpless. My end was near….

I looked up. There was that rusty, steel bed I brought in my room four years ago. It was small but perfect for the three of us to sleep in. I stared at it and reminisced. Four years ago, I bought this house. I had married Angelina that time and she chose this room for us. I was not that rich, I was rather poor, but she lived so happily with me. We slept on a mattress yet she never complained.  But I felt guilty so, I brought this bed from my cousin. And when Josephina was born, I did not have a cot to put her in. Thus, she slept in this bed for the first time in her life.

My heart pained. I flipped and coughed. I struggled to reach my desk because I had to do one last thing before I die. The floor was covered in my thick, dark blood. I looked up at the walls. There were hundreds of doodles on them. It looked beautiful and cute. Josephina wanted to become a graffiti artist and I thought she should start with my room. I touched the cold surface of the wall. I didn’t know why but I felt a strange sadness for this room. I didn’t want to leave it, leave all my memories. The room I had spent so many hours of my life, my room which is my only refuge in this time of my life- I felt it wanted to say something, say farewell to me perhaps. I wanted to cry all my sadness away. And I knew that no great nation had the right to deprive me of my wish inside these four walls. I could cry, laugh, curse or even kill myself here and no one had the right to stop me. Because…it was my room…my safe haven.

I see Angelina and also Josephina. They looked happy. A strange enchanting glow blinded my eyes. Drops of tears fell from my eyes. They put their hands before me. As I grabbed their hands I knew I have won and I knew I was happy. Before I lose my consciousness I want to thank this world. I am thankful I am dying in my favourite place….Bye, my sweet haven….



Name- Fahmia Uddin ; Class- 7 ; Sec:O  ; Roll-8  ;ID–1001050040

This story was written by Fahmia Uddin for the Prestigious Writing Competition held in November 2015. She won the 1st position for the 12-15 age group.

Emily’s Maze

This story was written for the writing competition back in November.



I have experienced some adventurous journey. The journey started 1 year ago when I was in class 5. My school organized a trip for six lucky students to go on summer camp on another city for 2 weeks.

Our VP sir picked up slips from a jar. From there he picked the six slips and said loudly “The six lucky person is ………………………. Ayesha, Tiffany, Irene, Chris, Park and Luhan”. Coincidentally it was me and my classmates! They also announced the city we are going Old Dhaka (Puran Dhaka).

We left Dhaka after 2 days. With us some teachers are going for our guidance.

We arrived there after 5 hours. The place we were going to stay was an apartment. It was calledThe Emily’s Maze”. As far as I know that tourist people stay there. When we entered the building everyone was quite scared because it was so old from inside. Spider web was in every corner. Dust was in floor.

When we went to the counter an old woman was sitting. She was very gloomy. Wrinkles was all over her face. Her hair was white in color. Her eyes was red. Her voice sounded like evil or ghost. Our teacher asked about the room number. She said300,301,302,303.” 300 room was for male teachers, 301 room was for female teachers, 302 room was for boys and 303 room was for girls. So, our teachers walked forward. I was about to go but that old woman hold my hand very tight and saidBe careful.I let my hand go out of her and run towards my teachers. Chris and Park was there with me that time too. Park said to me that not to say to our teachers.

The room was quite big. There was three separated bed and one table. There was a window beside one bed so, I took that bed. On the wall there was a huge photo frame of a girl. She was crying in that picture. Suddenly someone knocked our door and it was my friend Chris. He said us that to come out for a meeting. We locked our door and went there.

We went to our teacher and they said that today we are not going to anywhere. So, I thought of exploring the building.

At first we started from down stair, on the reception the old woman wasn’t there. We saw lots of photo frame of lots of people. While walking we saw a room. We went near it and on top of it was writtenDON’T OPEN!but I still tried to open it but Luhan called us so I couldn’t.

It was night we all went to our room. I, Irene and Tiffany was talking. It was almost 11:00 a.m. so, we went for sleeping. I waked up early in the morning maybe like 7:00 a.m. No one was awake except me. So, I thought about that door. So, I went alone downstairs and opened the door. It was a dark room. There was shelf around it. Some books was also there. There was a table. Even there was a bed near around window. Which seemed like it was room. I was feeling scared because I was alone. It was almost 8:00 a.m. So, I was coming from the room. I was about to close the door but Tiffany called me. I went to her but I couldn’t close the door properly.

Tiffany called me for a meeting with our teachers. My teachers said us that we are going on a place where we have to find missing things which has been hidden. We got dressed and went out.

When we arrived there I have to find things individually. I felt someone was following me and helping me to find the things. I was the first who found the things very fast.

I even told the news to my friend that someone is following. One day I called all my friend to my room. Then we discussed about that door. So, Luhan said that we are going to that door and find about the miracle.

When we went inside the room it was totally blank only there was the table and a book top on it. We went near the table and saw that there was a note on it. It saysDear Ayesha please sit in this chair.” I was little scared but still I sat on the chair. Suddenly a rush of wind appear. A girl appear front of us and it was that same girl face which was on our room’s photo frame. She was wearing a black gown. Her eyes was black. Her mouth was deep red. She said us “I am Emily Rose. I need a help. A man called Daniel killed me. I want to take my revenge but I can’t go out from this room.I was little shocked but I saidSo, what help can we do.She saidI just want you to take this book front of him and open it.” She even gave his address to me.

I went to him with my friend’s that day. We was quite frighten too. We called him by saying to guardWe need Mr. Daniel because he has took my diary accidently.The guard bought him. I immediately open the book front of me. A flash of light immersed and took Daniel inside it. Thank god the guard wasn’t there. Then Emily came out from the diary and said us “Thanks guys for your help and now my soul is in rest. Please often visit this place I want to meet you guys again” She become into lots of butterfly and went away.

So, that day was an adventurous day of my life.


So this is basically the thing I wrote for the competition we had back in November, I think. It’s under the “Routine is the Enemy of my Creativity”, so I thought I should post it. Let me know your thoughts and please leave a comment. And one more thing, this story is….crazy. Very crazy. Things will seem really weird at times but just deal with it.

Max Farrow was your average sixteen year old living in New York City with his family. He had everything any normal teenager would dream of only with the exception of his eyes. Green they were in color, the pupil, for some unknown reason, had the appearance of a cracked glass. His parents had taken him to every doctor they had known but they had replied with the same thing – that his eyes were perfectly healthy and normal and why the appearance was that of cracked glass was beyond them.

However, it was not the appearance which Max found weird, rather it was the things he saw through them. Normal New York City was not so normal to him. Here and there, he would spot otherworldly creatures with fascinating shapes and sizes milling about along with the humans as if it was a routine. And what shocked Max the most was the fact that no one seemed to notice them at all.

It was almost as if he was the only one who could see them with his unique eyes.

Max released a sigh as he removed his green-tinted goggles from his eyes and felt the morning air blow at his face. Goggles were the only reason why no one was whispering behind his back. He closed his eyes.

Some of things he saw through them were just mad. Just yesterday he saw a dragon flying across the night sky!

“GAHHH! I wish I didn’t have these damn eyes to begin with!” he shouted.

He opened his eyes.

A pair of green eyes stared back at him along with blonde hair falling from the sky upside down.

What the hell?

“AHHH!!” he screamed falling on the pavement as he eyed the figure that was standing on the railing grinning cheekily.

It was a girl.

“Max Farrow!” she shouted enthusiastically.

Max just stared.

“Guess what I am!” she said plopping down on the pavement.

“Huh?” Max managed weakly before the girl grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him up. She dusted her full-sleeved dress before tilting her head at him.

“Let’s play a game. If you can guess what I am by the end of the day, I’ll grant your wish!” she announced.

Max just couldn’t hold the question any longer. “Who the hell are you?”

The girl grinned. “I’m White!”

“So…uhh…White…where are we going?” Max asked weakly as he reluctantly followed the happy blonde who was walking ahead of him.

She gave an exasperated sigh before saying, “You idiot! We’re obviously gonna go on an adventure!”

Max had a sudden urge to face palm.

“Would you please t – “

A giant shadow loomed over them and Max looked up to see a red dragon glaring down at him.

“What the h – “

And out of nowhere, a meteor came and slammed onto the dragon toppling it over the bridge onto the ocean.

“AHHH!!!” Max screamed jumping ten feet in the air while White just shrugged.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked accusingly as if it were all normal.

This girl was not sane.

Max clutched at his thumping heart while glaring at the poker-faced blonde who gave a dramatic sigh before grabbing his hand and pulling him forward.

“In the end, it’s just a game right?”

Max looked at her incredulously. “You don’t say – “he began again but she beat him to it.

“Let’s go!”

“Why are we wasting our time stalking some hotshot businessman?” Max couldn’t help but ask as they tailed a man wearing a designer Armani suit across the street. They were at the heart of Manhattan and it was packed with people. “We’re gonna see his lifestyle,” White replied casually and Max had an urge to grab her and shake her until she said something normal.

“Oh no! He’s entering a car! Can’t help it then,” White snapped her fingers and a flying carpet came out of nowhere. She took a seat and gestured for Max to do the same.

Max stared at her.

“Hurry!” she hissed and yanked his arm and the carpet zoomed off tailing the black limousine with Max screaming all the while.

“You’re crazy!” Max shouted as they hovered on a balcony of a building which no doubt was the businessman’s house. White stuck out her tongue before peering into the room where the man was in.

“What if someone saw us, huh?! What the hell are we even doing?!” Max continued but White just smacked him on the head before motioning to the room.


The man set his stack of files on his table before he took a seat and began filling out the forms. They continued to watch as the man finished the twenty or so files on his desk before he got up and returned with another twenty and began the same routine of filling them out.

Max yawned. “Must be hella boring,”

White cocked an eyebrow at him. “But you want this life, don’t you?”

Max furrowed his eyebrows.

“You want a normal life without those eyes of yours. You want to be normal and not see these things that only you can see. Basically, you want your life to be a simple routine,” White explained.

Max rubbed the back of his neck. “Yeah but not like this,” he muttered.

White shot him a cheeky grin. “Time’s up! We have a lot of places to go!” And before Max could even comprehend what had happened, the magic carpet zoomed away.

“Behold! The flower people!” White shouted as she motioned with her hands towards the strange creatures in front of them. They were people with green skin and different colored flowers on their crowns.

Max was seriously considering the fact that everything was a dream.

“Flowers,” he muttered blandly.

Just great.

“Mister, wanna play?” a small boy with blue petals on his head came and before Max could say anything, the boy grabbed his hand and pulled him.

“So, we just plant these seedlings?” Max asked as he noticed the other kids who were digging up fresh dirt. “Uh-huh! Your eyes are really pretty, Mister!” a young girl chimed in as the other children nodded.

Max scoffed but the all the kids shook their heads. “It’s really pretty, Mister! You should be glad! Not many people can see us….so it’s like a blessing!” the boy explained with a sad smile.

Max felt something clawing at his insides and his voice shook as he said, “…Well then…how about we make a garden?”

The boy grinned, his eyes twinkling. “Sure!”

As White began to take him to all sorts of different places, Max began to realize the true extent of his strange eyes. He could see things others couldn’t see but the ones he could see considered it as a blessing. The variety of different species in New York City was beyond mind blowing to say the least and despite the insane experiences, it just wasn’t so bad.

Well except for the dragon and the meteor part anyway.

And as he began observing the ordinary citizens, he couldn’t help but feel as though they led monotonous and uninteresting lives. All their lives were filled with routines and time tables; there was nothing creative or colorful about it.

And he hated that.

As he walked on the street, the evening breeze fluttered his hair and he eyed the blonde girl who was happily munching on a hotdog.

He was close to actually guessing what she was; truthfully, he had been thinking about it for a while now. She wasn’t just a normal human but something more than that.

Something different and unique.

White turned around, her lips stretched to her signature cheeky grin as the wind fluttered her long blonde hair and all of a sudden, Max knew.

He just knew.


“Whew! Today was loads fun!” White cheered walking side by side with Max, who remained silent, his goggles on his face.

She walked a few steps ahead of him before stopping and turning around.

“So then, guess!” she said. “What am I?”

Max remained silent as White looked at him curiously. He slowly took off his goggles, revealing his glass-like eyes and smiled at her.

“Max?” White asked softly, the evening sun was slowly setting.

“White,” he started quietly.

White stared at him.

“You’re my creativity,”

Her green eyes widened in surprise as Max shot her a grin, rubbing the back of his neck. “It’s just a game, isn’t it?”

She remained quiet before breaking into a small smile. “It’s a game,” she replied.

“Well then, Max Farrow, what is your wish?” she asked.

Max looked at her in the eye as the sun finally set.

“Are you really sure about this?” she asked as Max walked across the busy morning streets of Manhattan. “You could’ve asked to ditch all of this weirdness, you know,” she continued as she followed him.

He smiled as he gazed at the skyscrapers. “True, but I guess I learned huh?”

“Then I have no use remaining here,” she said softly grabbing his hand. He halted before staring at her.

“Goodbye then, White,” he said quietly gazing at the girl’s green eyes as her entire body glowed brilliantly.

She grinned. “You never did tell me why you chose this though,”

Her body faded into a soft warm light which enveloped him fully and he took off his goggles revealing a pair of cracked-glass like pupils.

He stared at the sky watching as a red dragon soared into the clouds.

He gave a cheeky grin.

“Routine is the enemy of my creativity, after all,”





The Road to Fire

This fiction piece was written by Mahim Uddin, Class 9 for the Prestigious Writing Competition. This write-up secured him the position of 2nd runner-up among the 16-19 age-group.

The write-up has not been edited.

I watched…

The road stretched inside between the old burnt factories which exploded last month by chemicals. The smoke of the explosion still diffused with the once clean breeze of the little town of Campton, the recently industrialized town with towering smokestacks of industrial units that slowly depleted the greenery of nature. The grey ashes of smoke and the grey descending cloud swirled with the radioactive air over the town bustling with robots and hardly any human being, mostly homeless and helpless who had no brick homes to protect them from the suffocating atmosphere and sometimes from the malfunctioning robots which damaged human beings brutally with their built-in weapons installed for self-defense. The road through the market was always thronging with lives along with the AIs which always acted somewhat hostile to the people, and the town stretching from the Frete River to the hoary scalded town which was once the home of the people of Campton was always full of hustle and bustle of the daily activities. But no one even dared to roam around the only road, leading into the smoky shade of the burnt past, which led to the ghost of the early life of Campton. They said that the area around the road was prohibited to humans due to excess exposure to radiation of the chemical gas, the robots did not go there probably because if they would go there, the people might get interested to go there; doing something forbidden is in human nature. There could be more reasons which were out of my young understandings but I knew that there was something which might change the whole reality- there was something which could turn the outcome of Campton back to the peaceful days. Since the deadly inferno from the explosion last month, the little town emerged to a brink of turning into an industrialized city with the rapid development of the town, and human force being outnumbered by the machines and AI units. People were curious about the world that was in ashes but no one wanted to lose their lives under the verdict of doing illegal act. But it only applied to the safe humans, but to us-the homeless, life did not mean anything to us. Life meant challenges and embracing beloved death. I took a deep breath and let my curiosity take over me, moving my legs towards the road long forgotten.


I took a stroll through the smoldering area of flying ashes and the dark smoke of the fire…

The road was blackened with powdery dust that was conflagrated and the pitched road was broken with stones falling out. It went through towards an open field with rows of burnt ghastly houses empty with signs of life left for the future to acknowledge them. There were many buildings which were non-existent; a shop-like architecture caught my eyes inside which I saw half burnt remains of people and pieces which we rarely picked up in the polluted street of Campton. I tried to remember the life before the explosion but I had a vague memory of it; I could only remember the day of the carnival with my parents where I was gifted my first bicycle. I paced on forward passing a mammoth number of corpses gathering inside a smoldered concrete building, probably a safe house during the fire. Those sights brought chills down my spine; I was frightened by the mere thought of it. I shook the idea from my head and carefully went on. As I went in farther, I was having difficult to breathe and my skin began to burn inside, probably the radiation was causing it. I slowly stride onward to the open field, passing clusters of broken, blown up items which still looked like they were being used by someone maybe a ghostly victim.


I observed…

The field was bare like sub-Saharan grassland with smoked prairie and leaf-less plants standing dead, the meadow was surrounded by aligned buildings with infrastructures which ceased to exist like a major part of the life. There were few concrete ducts which rested one over another; they were cracked with heat and darkened with chemicals of different types. I peeped in and found out something which I never expected to see, particularly in the burned lifeless town! There were few sets of human clothes, fully clean and kept tidily, and several mechanical tools which I did not recognize. I was so sure that there was no one alive in that part, I became thunderstruck; it really was painful to learn that there was still someone not accepted to the new game of survival. I noticed an old paper folded under a shirt. I pulled it out and read it; it was written by Professor Eilde.


I read…

            “I have a confession to make. I betrayed Campton. I betrayed my home. I could not prevent the mess I began; this all happened because of me. I am sorry, Campton.

This all began when I discovered Dromafide-H compound which could stimulate the brain to believe it being dead and stop working. I showed it to the Campton Chemical Industry in order to persuade them to sponsor my discovery to the National Chemistry Federation. But when I showed them, they captured Dromafide-H to use it as a threat against the people to keep them under their control. So in order to stop the plan, I programmed a legion of robots with their leader- a grade 9 AI robot, nearly as genius as me. But after all I was a human; I made a grave mistake trusting my bots. They destroyed the chemical factories causing the great fire, obliterating Campton to ashes. Fortunately, I survived the fire and now self-exiled here as a part of my punishment…”


Suddenly I heard footsteps behind. As I turned to see who it was, I saw an elderly man of fifties standing silently, gazing at me coldly. My vision became blurry and instantly I collapsed senseless…

“Radiation 100%… Survival 0%…”

A walk by a river or along the coast

This story was written by Swarna Sarwer of STD 9, OIS Gulshan Branch. She secured the position of 2nd Runner-up in the 16-19 age-group of the Prestigious Writing Competition 2015. Since she is not a member of PWC as of yet, I have taken the initiative of posting this story here.

The write-up has not been edited or tampered with in any way. It is presented in the exact wording Swarna used during submission.

I remember, it was a winter morning. So I went out for a walk near the river. It was foggy outside but the scenario was beautiful. I was walking and enjoying the beauty of nature, the river was quiet, the birds were chirping and the sky was blue.

I was so amazed with the environment that I forgot that I came near the sea coast walking. I was randomly clicking pictures of the scenery. Suddenly, I came to a lonely side of the place, where no one usually goes. As I was alone, I was feeling a bit insecure. But later on, there came a twist in the situation. Continue reading

A Walk Along The River

My entry for the prestigious writing competition which was unfortunately, submitted later due to forgetfulness  and was sadly rejected.

A Walk Along The River.

By Mohammad Nurullah.

The scarlet sky contrasted heavily with the deep blue stream; the image was so beautiful it hurt my eyes. I looked up at the sky again. The sun was about to set; its last rays shone along the horizon. With a few more steps along the bank, I stopped, focusing on the mango tree in front of me. The tree had grown pretty large since the last time I saw her; her branches extended, casting shadows on the ground beneath. This tree had a name – Auriel. Just a few feet from Auriel’s trunk was a tombstone. I headed towards it and placed the black velvet rose I was carrying, on the earth before it. Underneath the ground, lay my mother. Continue reading

The Prestigious 20

The Prestigious 20

We are happy to announce the winners of the Prestigious Writing Competition!

Here are the top 10 from Classes 6-8:

1st) Fahmia Uddin Class 7 (My Safe Haven)
2nd) Shahriar Hossain Class 8 (My Room)

  • First Runners Up (In No Specific Order):

Rokea Rahman Eshika Class 8 (A Room of My Own)

Kakoli Akhter (Priya) Class 8 (A Place I Love in My Home Country)

Mahjabin Islam Class 7 (A Place I Love in My Home Country)

Jafrin Pritha Class 8 (Atop a Kelp Covered Boulder)

  • Second Runners Up (In No Specific Order):

Anika Tarannum Class 7 (Unlock The Room)

Ahmed Musa Class 8 (The Place I Like To Visit)

Mehjabin Ayesha Class 6 (A Place I Love in My Home Country)

Samia Akhter Priya Class 7 (Sundarbans, The Exceptional Gift of God)

Top 10 from Classes 9-12:

1st) Syeda Zareen Rafa Class 9 (Soaring through Memory Lane)
2nd) Maisha M. Prome AS20 (Routine is the Enemy of Creativity)

  • First Runners Up (In No Specific Order):

Souvik Ahmed Class 10 (Routine is the Enemy of Creativity)

Sirajus Salekin Class 9 (The Blade of Grass)

Mouduna Tanjeem Khan AS20 (Two Sides of the Same Coin)

Ananna Ashraf AS20 (White)

  • Second Runners Up (In No Specific Order):

Kaifuzzaman Khan Class 9 (The Walk of Shame)

Sheikh Mohammad Shayor Class 9 (Routine is the Enemy of Creativity)

Tanzir Ahmed Mostafa Class 10 (A Walk by the River)

Swarna Sarwer Class 9 (A Walk By A River or Along a Coast)