IMG_0199.JPGIt looks like you are stuck in the same place again.
Ending things, at the place where it all began,
When life goes wrong
Would you pull it back up
Or carry on with the pieces you found?
All the pain you have suffered,
All the bitches you have caught,
All the anxious mornings and all the nights you guys fought.

Who would pay for them?
When you both are lost in the game.
Rat race, fucking cold wars.
Scratching, biting and all those scars.
Ended up hiding behind excuses, deciding on coin toss.
When life is nothing unpredictable, it’s about loss.

Heal yourself and never look back.
People will stab you and show you what you lack.
You don’t need to validate yourself or win.
No need to show them what you have seen.
Spread love and concern,
Not jealous and aversion.
Love yourself, do what’s right.
Cause at the end it’s always night.
So fight.

             -Samara Hasan-



Dreams covered in natural beliefs
Eyes sparkling out of joy and pride
One must not stop, no relief
Until her opinion turns into a guide.

Her heart must not stop pounding.
The drive must never fade.
Push forward and never stop expounding.
Until you achieve for what you have prayed.
The butchers must be punished
for their sins,
And the morals must not fray.
Ill-minders should be banished
Or be educated before one starts to say.

Let’s pray to our Lord
For courage and strength.
Before the end of our life length
Before we lose the ability to afford
The power to convey
The righteous sayings.
Before night meets day.

Our dreams must be covered in natural beliefs
And so only then we must sigh with relief.
And be proud of what we have to say.

-Samara Hasan-

-Short Retreat-

Little did they know,
The sound of the armors, crackling made her shiver.
Made her remember the wounds that the bows
And the battle gave her.
Little did they know,
It’s been ages since she put down her sword
And prayed for the best to her Lord.
She stripped metal after metal
Knowing the result could be fatal.
All debts were left unsettled.
All flags were raised.
To declare a loss.
The fire was blazed.
She decided, she will cross, the bridge.
And so her badges were tossed,
As she kneed to the ground.
And confirmed her defeat.
Looked up at the bloodhounds
And knew her mission was incomplete.
It was not an act of cowardice.
It was a short retreat.
It was the plans of Satan, she had to memorize.
So the sins did not repeat.
She promised a guaranteed win.
But she will not repeat the sin.
Little did they know,
She will come back stronger.
Won’t let the war last longer.
Maybe losing is the best way to win.
Even if it means to cut off one’s own skin
-Samara Hasan-

-Black Heart-

white heartI got a black heart.

Gave you all my colors.
Craned down all my moral pillars,
but you let her lipprint your collars.
I got a black heart.
Slice cut,torn and burnt.
I was there for you, you weren’t.
Lesson learnt.
I got a black heart.
Fed the monsters with straight cut lies.
Slaughtered the lows and only presented the highs.
I got a black heart.
Projected graves, smiled like flesh-less bones.
Bounced back my own groans,
as i passed by my own future stone.
-Samara Hasan-

-To The Moon-

What might come my way?

So it again begins.

Liv’in on the edge every second.

Looking like an icy king

Fallen for its tricks, again..

Another lie,  another rejection.

Thrown out, another ejection.

Tears yet again pour and stain

Remarking the scars, weakening my brain.

Another round of punches,

Resultant of riding on hunches.

Ashes on the floor, far from repair.

Two knocks and a rattle,

Disastrous scars start to appear,

From the war, a tentative battle.

Fly me to the moon.

I will still be humming our tune.

Fly me to the moon.

When I return, I hope to see you soon.


-Skin Burns And Rashes-


As the night crept in,

emotions were held back,

so that nothing could be seen

in the lonely heart that was once evergreen.

His voice once shouted her name, 

now for him it’s nothing but a game.

He once saw through her mind 

now she is accused for being blind.

She once let him in, she was a charmer,

but now she hides behind her armor.

She said,

“You were my only hold on reality

my reason for sanity and spirituality .

Remember when you set our love on fire?

left me with skin burns and rashes from my attire?

Set the sparks in the wrong room.

Burnt the whole castle, set my faith to a doom

Sigh! i will always love you from a distance

not to gain, not for vengeance.

Not to put the guilt on you, at least not in this instance.

I gotta be strong, i gotta hold on”

Then he watched her choke out very soon.

As her heart gave out and BOOM! 


–Samara Hasan–

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-Yours Truly-

You got needs,

I got em too.

You are leaving to where it leads,

I am counting my mistakes to a few.

Why hailstorm in this war torn heart?

Why bite the tongue, when we fall apart?

Why the guilt keeps on creeping in?

Why can’t I see the secrets you are keeping?
Deep in.
Let me in or let me feel low.

Don’t twist the knife, and not let go.

Don’t tell the lies I already know.

The air is getting thicker.

Let me breathe!

I rather drown in this liquor,

Than take in the excuses you feed.

Unquenched fire, headed towards the door.

Nothing would stop you now even if I lie begging on the floor.

Inevitably, my love’s strength kept pulling you back.

Was it our faith or my love that lacked?
That was driving you away.

Maybe my heart failed to convey,

How much I loved being in love.

You were my peace, my heaven above.

Don’t leave me bruised and torn.

Show some mercy.

See the pain that I have borne.

Let our love be measured proportionally, not inversely.

Love you till the end, yours truly.

-Samara Hasan-

-Set us free-

Beneath all the secretive conspiracy, 

Lies the truth in a manner of insufficiency.

Clogged memory, perplexed mind,

looking for something, don’t know what to find.

This was how the mind was designed,

To struggle for the truth and sanity.

And spread joy in the sake of humanity

Bend truth, presenting lies,

nothing to do except to have collective sighs.

Cutting connections, that we were asked to tie,

along the process, our hope starts to die.

Just before we start to give up, we are forced to realize

some twisted truth of life,

Making us question each other, arising strife. 

Oh God! set us free.

Show us the path in which we need to be.

Begging and screaming for mercy.

Tired of being pushed around and accused falsely.

Oh God! set us free.

Show us the path in which we need to be.


        –Samara Hasan–

-For Gaga-

Innocent jovial smile, cheeky eyes,

It’s been too long, time flies.

My soul still denies 

the fact, I won’t see you again.

From the day it all started 

till the day you departed

All the memories began,

to play in my mind

as my soul struggles to find, sanity

weighing down my shoulders were 

Responsibility, Purity.

Oh love! but i loved it entirely

every bit of it, subliminally.

You calmed a storm

with your presence, so intensely warm.

Caught everyone’s breath, with utter grace,

O darling! cause of you everyone embraced

Love & affection.

Your voice echos in my empty heart.

Never thought fate would tear us apart,

like this.

after you brought all the purity and bliss.

I am inevitably selfish enough not to let you go

As maturity crept on me, I began to grow

along with your memories, that immensely flow.

You took away the halcyon days with you,

left us so blue.

I love you eternally, and i know you do too.

Hope to reunite in Heaven, Gaga.

Don’t worry the time is almost here,

for then, take care.


I hate saying goodbye..

–Samara Hasan–

After letting it go

Marvelous halcyon days

passes in a blink, as the sun slays

the memories,  like you used to say

‘let’s catch up’ .

I’m already at the Simon’s Bay.

Fears of love distorted and conquered.

Some show its worth, some seems absurd.

Surfed the ups and downs of life.

Got flesh wounds from its knife,

To prove my desire, 

That was lit by the hell fire.

–Samara Hasan–