The Darkness

10:00 pm. Friday.
Stuck in traffic, a young girl in fotua and jeans, is on her way home. Her hair is a mess. Headphones on, she tries to block out the outside sounds. No luck though, the sound of traffic overpowers her and her music. The thoughts inside her head are tangled, like a spiders web. She hums along to the tune of the song, trying to remain cheerful. But her eyes betray her. Sagged and red, if you looked at them closely, you could see she is just tired. So late at night but the city is still buzzed, in motion, restless. The rickshaw turns, entering her block. A building nearby, is under construction. They have just started to fit in the electrical wires, so the site is lit all day. During the day, you cannot really see the lights clearly, but at night they twinkle like stars set against the dark night sky. The beauty of the lights intrigues the little girl, how something so simple be so beautiful. In the dark can you only appreciate such beauty.

11:00 pm.
Finally home. At last the day has come to an end. Fortunately, tomorrow is weekend. Unfortunately for her, she has classes tomorrow as well. A few hours rest will just have to do then! Getting ready to sleep, she turns off the lights. Everything goes black- as black as a pit you would fall into. Slowly, a sense of calm spreads over her limbs, over her soul. From that second, the whole world no longer existed. The darkness has made her one with herself. Right at this very moment, there is nothing- no classes, no teachers, no parents. No one expecting anything from you. No rat race you have been forced to run. Right now, you are not being judged- by what grades you get, how you walk, talk or dress. In the darkness, all glamour and glory does not exist. You do not have to feel less about yourself. In the dark you do not have to worry about worldly matters, for it is all pointless. It lets you let your guard down, maybe that’s what makes it so very relaxing. As she closes her eyes, she can see those lights again. In a way, she is just like them. we all are, aren’t we? We are all small, tiny things, accumulated in a very big universe. The true beauty of the darkness is, it lets these small things shine, without anything to overpower it. Diamonds, the most precious stone, even comes from the dark mines. The beauty of the silence, you feel in the dark is, the noise of no words spoken. The noise of crickets, you hear in an open field, is amplified in the dark. Listen to it close enough, you just might be able to appreciate it. The darkness heightens all our senses. Our rod cells work better, our pupils dilate, letting in more light. your ears can pick up noises they couldn’t before. Even our sense of touch is heightened… In the darkness, we are stripped down to our very being. Exposed. Vulnerable. At ease. Bare. As she dozes off, she thinks about nothing at all. The hectic day is behind her. Her mind is blank, her heart calm and she is one with herself and the dark. Its true. The darkness is her best friend