The Euphony of Fragmented Dreams

Eternal bliss in her arms,

Harboring her from all harms

Waking up to ogle at her ravishing smile,

Was something that would make my time worthwhile.

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The Bride.

Her face rested
and she didn’t smile.
Her lips lingered together
stretching in a never-ending line.

Her hair was a bird.
Flying across the skies.
Shiny ornaments flashed light
On her kohl painted eyes.

Her earrings whistled
As the wind passed by
She just sat there
as cold winds sucked the air dry.

Neither did she utter
Nor mumble a word.
was heard.

What more could you do ?
When fate betrays you ?
Gives you all the happiness in a day
and then takes it all away.

Back to Life .

These passed years have made me older ,
Built me stronger ,
Helped me see clearer ,
But yet haven’t made me happier.

You left me for good ,
Unknown that the pain had grown bigger ,
Making the scars deeper ,
I have turned quieter ,
As I am lonelier
Than before.

But baby , I am used to it
Like I am used to the cigarettes
Pressing against my lips instead of yours.

I know it will kill me slowly from inside ,
But I don’t wanna die so soon .
Though you aren’t here .
Don’t think there are no reasons for me to live
Because after losing you I found reasons, more valid reasons to relive.

Written by Shahriar Khan
Edited and Corrected by Nahian Kabir.