There will always be haters. No matter what, there will always be someone who will hate you for no solid reason.
(Watch the episode of RECESS: Nobody Doesn’t Like TJ) .

We have received general criticisms like; our writing sucks and that we are a bunch of geeks/nerds who need to get a life. One of those haters even took the pain of propagating criticism about us. It only gained us more and more popularity, nothing else. People assert that what we do is worthless. Like: It won’t earn us a living, it won’t get us a job, or laid even, if that’s the case.
Let me retaliate: We don’t give a damn. We do what we love and we love what we do. We do this for passion, we are pretty goods students; straight A’s each and everyone of us (call us nerds but we are getting that job bruv) and we are not looking forward to getting laid(we are freaking teenagers for God’s sake).
We will keep up the progress as it improves our writing skills and opens up doors of opportunity for us. We can’t let criticism turn something into nothing. At least it will be ‘lame and something’ rather than ‘cool but nothing’.

Thanks for reading this article. Hope you find some sort of inspiration from this.