Will you?

Will you kiss me?
if i say this is the last time your lips will touch mine,
Will you still embrace my love
that i have given you for years?
would you believe me if i say,
all the years the memories i made with you,
i will carry them with me to my grave?
Will you look into my eyes,
and search for another world,
for one last time as i march towards the abyss of death?
When you held me for all these years,
i felt a thrill rushing through my body,
Like butterflies staying inside my corpse. would it feel the same way,
when you will touch my skin for the last time?
Years later,
when you will look back into the oblivion of the past,
will i be a mirage to you?
a mirage, if existed you could have had a happy peaceful life.
Would you still look at me with those lively eyes,
when i will say to you that the invitation for my death has already come and the grim reaper is right outside the door. Will you still say you are in love with me,
when i will leave the next second,
saying goodbye to you forever.
Will you promise me?
to live happily,
to forget me and memories,
as i walk out towards my end.
will you still kiss me? for the last time.
So i can close my eyes and jump into the unknown, afterlife.


Suicide Note

The words that I am going to write,
Can be the last words I will write in this life.
Do I want it to end sad?
Do I want it to end happy?
I really have no clue,
The same way as my life.

It all started that time, that supposedly wonderful dawn,
Me breathing and crying when I was born.
For a while I lived in the world full of happiness,
But the feeling didn’t last for long,
It was back to me and my sad song.

Some called my tears,
Tears of joy;
Some called it as tears of dissatisfaction.
Oh, did they ever realize all these years,
I just cried in pain of this loneliness inside.

I am saying this out loud now,
The fear in me for the world is gone now,
I feel so light, that I have the guts to stand on the roof.
And jump to end my life.

They’ll call me a coward for what I have done,
But these people were the one who made me come to this place anyway,
Wont they be happy to read?
Another one they trapped with their harsh words.
Is no more in this world again.

I don’t want to say that
All my life I have been sad.
There were times when I loved my life,
The friends i got,
The family i shared,
They made my life into a beautiful story,
How much i wish, none of them ever left or betrayed me.

My energy is about to run out,
But I made this promise to someone I love.
Those words echo in my ears.
“May death not do us apart”
Oh my dear, death didn’t separate us. You did.

And again I cry in the end,
Just like how my story began.
This whole journey called life,
I learn one thing.
How to cry.
And here I am, saying this for one last time.

How much was it?

He stood out in the cold,
Wearing a single shawl
Over his torn clothes.

Walking barefoot on the snow,
Entire body now almost,
In the state to fall apart.

He had no option
but to beg,
With No Food, No House, No Money.

He stopped near a Bakery,
The Smell of Fresh Bread,
Was something he couldn’t resist.

He walked in with a Hope,
To find some burnt food,
That the Boss would Offer.

As the hope weakened,
With Weak voice, He asked,
“May i have some Food, Master?”

The Master signalled at a Small boy,
A Normal boy of 10,
You would see Enjoying a Life.

But this boy an Exception,
Shivering in Fear, Slowly,
He approached, the Man.

The boy Addressed humbly,
“Beggars aren’t allowed by the Master,
Please leave sir.”

For food the Man Pleaded to the Boy,
Helpless himself, the Boy,
Had to Throw the Man out.

Finishing some Task,
Few days later,
For Reward, the Boy Rushed to Shop.

On his way back he saw,
The man he shooed away,
On the white Snow, Curled up like a ball.

The Boy neared him, to check for life,
Cold as the man was,
The boy realized, to Heaven he was Gone.

With Tears flowing all over his face,
He ran as fast as he could,
With tonns of Questions Rising in his Mind.

“How much is the bread?”
To his master,
In anger the little Boy asked.

Without a doubt, the master answered,
“Only Two pennies.”
The boy repeated “ONLY TWO PENNIES!!!”

Wasn’t his Heart,
As same as the Heart of Others?

Wasn’t his Cry for Hunger,
As same as the Baby crying for Milk?

Wasn’t his Blood,
As same as us All?

Was a man not worth 2 pennies?
Why was he dead?

For Life he wondered,
About the REAL COST of the Bread.
2 pennies or life,
how much was it?

Go Away

We fell in love,
each day I looked at you
I created a new world full of fantasy, in my mind.

you gave me the one thing I never had.

Each day I would pray to the almighty,
I believed in him because one of the stories said his realm was somewhere above you. Each day, when I was about to cry, I would look at you.
You gave me hope.
It happened on the day I was walking home,
it was raining again.
Rain always made me sad,
I felt as if you were crying,
yet I walked with slow steps looking at the sky,
and that’s when I saw you strike,
a magical beam out of nowhere with a loud noise,
you destroyed,
my best friends house.
You were my daydream,
But I was wrong all the time.
You in real were a nightmare to humanity.
I stopped looking at you,
as each day passed,
I couldn’t stand the sight of you,
the sky seemed dull with you,
that’s when I realised, you were a parasite
A parasite, which dominated the sky.
years passed by,
I was finally used to being on my own.
But then I heard the news on television
how you created cyclones,
and floods in various places.
Millions lost their loved ones,
just like I did.
I misunderstood whenever it rained,
it was the cries of happiness not sadness.
You were mocking how weak humanity is.
My loathing soon turned to fear,
finally when I got married and had my own child.
Each day she went out,
walking beneath you,
I started hallucinating,
I started getting mad.
My husband left me,
my kids called me mad.
The psychologist said I was just afraid of you.
But little did everyone know,
how cruel you were.
Stay away from me,
you hollow molecule of water
you so-called cloud.
You are nothing but another form of the Satan

~The Poor girl running away from you~


My friends looked up at the sky,
and yelled out to me
how beautiful you were,
how you made them wonder,
what a beautiful earth we live in.
But a fear crept inside me,
you were nothing but,
the spawn of the devil
as angel in disguise.
When people begged on a sunny day,
it should rain,
I begged the lord up above these
hollow molecules, to save me from you.
I loved the days when the sky was so clear,
I would be astonished at the different colors
the sky could take, from blue to black.
So peaceful and so calm.
Yet like an eagle you soar away in the sky,
With everyone’s admiration,
but nobody sees the risks you carry along.
I didn’t loathe you from the day I was born,
I was foolish like everyone to look upon you and dream,
but one day out the blue,
you the white one, rained blood instead of water.
The Aircraft which hid behind you
shot bullets at my family
making me into an orphan,
each time you moved from one place to another,
you bring death.
The droughts, the flood.
Why don’t people notice?
how you show your true color
when you get angry,
and discharge lightning
to kill innocent beings.
you who bring the drought,
also bring the floods.
Why doesn’t anyone believe me?
as I look at you,
I see you,
the devil smiling at me
behind those innocent white patches in the sky.
The clouds. Oh, how much I wish you would leave the sky,
so i can live peacefully under this beautiful sky.
Some people say I am afraid of you,
but that’s not true,
I am not scared of you I am rather
afraid of what you can do.
Some even worship you,
but little do they know,
you don’t care about anything,
the only motto in your life is to destroy,
all the beautiful songs
how inspiring you are all down the drain.
You are just another thing
bringing humanity closer
to doomsday.
Please go away,
Please let me live in peace.
I know you want to kill me like my family,
but I will die one day,
all the sins I did will pay off
when some particles inside me reach you
and become one of yours.
That’s what real hell is to me.
~ The one who can’t escape you.

Blank Project.

As I peeped into the abandoned building,
looking for a place to enter,
the stagnant water on the stairs
welcomed me inside the narrow hole,
a rusty old sign flashed,
“Good life orphanage” and in small letters,
hardly visible, on second floor I read.
I rushed to the floor and knocked. Two women came out and gave me a smile.
“Are you here to see them?”
“yes!” I replied. I had a big project to submit next day,
then came a cluster of kids all encircling me,
looking at me like I am the new doll their mother got. And then it hit me… they didn’t have a mother or in fact, a family to be loved by.

I walked into the room, which was starting to look like an old garage which had been neglected for the greater part of the century.
Fifty kids in total.
It was like walking into a garden full of beautiful yet mismatching flowers,
but to society, they were nothing more than weeds. They all smiled with hope as they wondered if I would take them away with me and
give them all the love they deserve.

A 4-year-old boy, who barely could speak with his swollen jaw and skin full of patches
whispered in his chirpy melodious voice,
“Do you have a candy?”.
My heart sank, looking at him; my mind rushed back to my childhood,
when I begged my mother for some cotton candy,
I played games, rejoiced in my childhood.
By coming here, I had made them wonder how beautiful the world was. I gave them hopes of becoming something better soon.
But within, I knew this would all be in vain.
There was no future to look forward to. Nobody would accept them in this world,
the dreams they dreamt would be crushed and torn apart.
They were the dark pieces, mistakes of foul humans.
Poor children,
They were loved by none and their presence loathed by most.
As the hours passed,
it was my time to leave.
I could see the sad look in their eyes,
And I also felt the small kid letting go of my hand in acceptance.
This was a routine to them; they were like show pieces.
Each day a new visitor would show them sympathy,
and they would go back living their own life
leaving these poor kids all alone.
They waved me good-bye;.that’s when I realised.
Their futures were as blank as
the project paper I had to submit
the next day.

~Ricky Parker.