Lost Hopes


“Look past the clouds,
You will find sunshine”
But her heart clenched the darkness,
And her mind gave into the chaos.

It’s not the shattered dreams that haunted her,
But the empty space where they used to be;
The smile that simply faded away,
Without one last attempt to stay.

Their crooked rules
Never befitted her life.
They stood-a barrier,
In the path of her dreams.

She reached out in all directions,
Like a curious hand with blind eyes.
Sharp knives pierced her,
Cries of pain were only heard.

The dark night dug into her skin,
And the cold harsh wind made her shudder,
As she stood in the graveyard…of her dreams.
She was haunted by the lost hopes,
That only she could feel.


The Blank Page


I always thought holding on,
Was worth the pain it takes.
I thought in losing you,
I would lose a part of me too.
That I’d slowly become someone,
They no longer knew.
And it was too late,
I was horribly scarred.
It was too late when I finally let go of you…my dear?
Yet my heart felt much lighter.
And I learnt that somethings,
Were never meant to be mine.

You don’t have to love people
Who never cared for your smile.
Let go when you see its no longer worth your while.
Because sometimes the things you fight for,
Isn’t worth the cost,
It’s bound to be a loss.

I wanted to pen out the pain inside me,
Except, the page stayed spotless.
As I pondered, I realized,
This is what best described,
The emptiness inside me.
And thus I added to my book of poetry,
The blank page.

Like a Forest Fire

th (1)

There she goes,
Smart and elegant,
Surrounded by flames,
Yet she holds her head high.
Because, she knows she will survive it.

The fire inside her,
Glows brighter than the fire outside.
She feels everything,
With a heart more intense than any heaven.
“It’s alright” she says boldly,
“Life burns sometimes.”

She has been a phoenix before.
“It’s no problem,” she smiles.
For every time she burns to ashes,
She knows exactly how to rise back up, again.
But each time, she rises even higher.

She is beautiful,
Beautiful like a forest fire.

Am I an Alien?


She had come to confess her love for me today.
I knew I had no choice,
Quickly remembering that life had always been a foul play,
I flashed the words on my mobile’s screen at her,
“I am dumb, I have no voice.”

I was dumb, but not blind.
Not blind to overlook her obvious hesitation.
Suddenly her eyes showed clear denial of any admiration.
“They are not your kind” mamma had once warned,
Not my kind?
Why? Am I an alien?
Why do I always feel left behind?

Why does the world treat me like this?
I ask again, am I an alien?
Am I destined to never feel bliss?
What luck I have…I can’t even complain!
What have I done,
To deserve this life full of pain?

I have no voice but who said I can’t speak!
Can’t you read my eyes?
I am dying on the inside.
Don’t you hear the hurt in my music?
Don’t you see the frustration in my paintings?

I am not dumb…not completely.
I do speak, but a bit differently.
I speak with my eyes and my gestures.
I speak through my music and my canvas.
I am no alien!
I am unique who has his own technique.

Yes, life can be a foul play
But I never wanted your sympathy.
All I ever needed was some humanity.
Thus I sit to write,
To help my folks in their fight.
I must warn – they will try to dim out your light.
There are many who don’t want you to win,
But the ones who notice the storm in your eyes,
The silence in ur voice,
And the heaviness in your heart,
Are the only ones you should ever let in.

His Mirage


No one knew,
How many sleepless nights she had,
When her tears were her only company,
Missing what was missing.
No one knew her sorrow.
She wore her smile like a shield.

It was her past that made him hate her.
She remembered what he had said and what he had done instead.
She will never forget how he had made her feel,
Like she was everything but then nothing at all.

She learnt to cage her feelings inside,
Until midnight, when she covered her mouth with her hand,
Not wanting anyone to hear her sobs.
She wrapped herself with the blanket.
Maybe imagining it to be his arms?
Rested her head on the pillow.
Like she did on his chest…maybe missing his heartbeat.
She closed her eyes and pretended he was there.

She wept alone every night,
And prayed for some miracle.
For the pain was becoming a silent killer.
“The sun will rise and I’ll be better” she confronted herself.
But the clock struck 1 and again came the ghost of her past.
His thoughts haunted her all night.

A rough hand slipped into hers.
It was him, she knew it by his very presence.
Everything was perfect again.
Euphoria swept her off of her feet.
She embraced him, her haven, her home.
She closed her eyes and everything became bright…
Alas, she was awoken by the morning light.

Tears trickled down her cheeks.
“Stupid girl” she whispered to herself,
“Don’t waste your tears on him,
For he doesn’t care, not a bit, not at all.”

Death: The Truth


Do you know what it is like,
To lie awake in bed,
With haunting thoughts every night?

Can’t run from it anymore.
The end is near.
No more of trying.
Stop asking me if I’m “okay”!
I’m tired of lying.

My jaws hurt from the constant fake smile.
My eyes can’t hold back.
Pain sneaked out of my eyes,
And rolled down my cheeks.
My mind has won.
I’m done with hiding on my own.

Most fear the night when darkness falls,
But I gladly embrace its solitude.
Most fear death,
But right now, I welcome it.

Our Mind

Our mind is a jar,
That can store so far.
Driving for its destination in the car,
But uncertain where to pull the gear.

Passing through the darkness,
Searching for happiness.
Sometimes facing some sadness,
Still on the way…looking for brightness.

(By my cousin Naisa. Age: 12. Class: 5. Scholastica)

Insane Violence


The candles burned bright in the darkness,
The chains tightly bound round her limbs,
Teardrops ran down her cheeks,
And fell off her chin.
She cried in a corner where nobody could see.
Her eyes told a story that nobody could read.

You ask why she cried?
I’ll tell you why!
It was the pain and anger.
The pain of being imprisoned!
Imprisoned by the pillars of what they call “community”.

They gave her hopes.
Yet pushed her down to their toes.
They allowed her to have her own opinions.
But ordered her to shape them to their views.
They told her to be herself,
“But it better be in the right way”, they warned.
They bullied her for socializing,
And enjoyed her confinement.
“You may fall in love with anyone,” they said,
“As long as it’s someone WE choose”.
They gave her hopes.
Yet pushed her down to their toes.

They showed no sign of humanity
There was only cruelty .
It was barbaric I tell u!
Yet they put on more clips…
Cries came out from her innocent lips.
The world around listened in silence.
Alas! when she was no more,
There were only words of sympathy.

This is insanity!
Is this what they call society?
No one sought her vengeance.
Silently tolerated the violence.
And they said, “Welcome to the society…”

It Was All God’s Will


Just when it all seemed to end, a new journey began
A new dream, a new hope, a new life
On the seventh night he asked me “Will u be my wife?”
He swept me off of my feet,
My mind wanted to retreat,
Bt my heart failed to resist.

His love was like a deep maze,
And with him I could see glimpses my future days.
He was my superman,
Saving me from the dakrness,
Loving me in my madness.

Now I am perfectly fine with where I am,
In his amrs is my home and all that I need .
Ecstasy was what I felt in our first meet.
But for you if this place is anything less
My ill-fate it will be…I guess.

All my life I searched and searched
But never knew where u had been
U were a stranger
Yet a long lost kin
Like I had known u for forever
Maybe u were my answer to all my questions.
Maybe u were the one!
The one I had been waiting for all along?

Its funny how the Lord works,
Sometimes he doesn’t change the situation,
Until we learn to change our way of inspection…