A Walk Along The River

My entry for the prestigious writing competition which was unfortunately, submitted later due to forgetfulness  and was sadly rejected.

A Walk Along The River.

By Mohammad Nurullah.

The scarlet sky contrasted heavily with the deep blue stream; the image was so beautiful it hurt my eyes. I looked up at the sky again. The sun was about to set; its last rays shone along the horizon. With a few more steps along the bank, I stopped, focusing on the mango tree in front of me. The tree had grown pretty large since the last time I saw her; her branches extended, casting shadows on the ground beneath. This tree had a name – Auriel. Just a few feet from Auriel’s trunk was a tombstone. I headed towards it and placed the black velvet rose I was carrying, on the earth before it. Underneath the ground, lay my mother. Continue reading


Life: A momentary bliss

This life we are living is temporary. Fifty years? Seventy? Or even ninety? Some are unfortunate enough to die at the age of twelve. This twelve year old was deprived of the whole teenage life. And what more? He was deprived of the numerous beautiful things of nature left unseen.

Continue reading