Hypocrisy 101

  1. the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.
    synonyms: dissimulation, false virtue, cant, posturing, affectation, speciousness,empty talk, insincerity, falseness, deceit, dishonesty, mendacity,pretense, duplicity;

Alright so, I’m gonna tell you how to be a hypocrite and get away with it. (Istiak, pay attention here).

You look at various world leaders (whether they have real hair that still looks like a blonde cheese toupee or not), politicians, students on podiums, that chesra dokandar who really doesn’t wanna sell you a bottle of water for anything less than 20tk, etc, and they’re all on some figurative level trying to convince you of bullshit.

Now, you being the goody two shoes smartass that you are, you don’t fall for that. You know Drumpf is full of shit when he’s talking about throwing hispanics out. But that isn’t the issue. The issue is, when Drumpf himself doesn’t know he’s full of shit.

That’s what makes or breaks a good bullshitter really (there are a few other factors but my patience limits me to analysing this primary one). Good bullshitters KNOW they’re bullshitting. Hence they know every single nuance where their ideas don’t work, but they know how to make it SOUND like it works.

Drumpf does. Perhaps not to you or me, but he does have an audience, as is evident by how the entire GOP is getting their panties in a twist. I’ll point out why he wins:

Now, there is no doubt that the world would be better without a Drumpf, but utopia by definition is an unobtainable concept, so let’s not bother with that. Let’s not point out why Drumpf sucks, and why he’s stupid, but rather, what his stupidity and resulting fame really means.

There’re a large number of people who’d actually vote for Drumpf. and he’s winning as a result. He’s using tactics like making people swear an oath to vote, and mesmerizing people with his brand and image to get them to comply. This is interesting because:

a) it shows that, in a world where many of us are so politically correct, and assume ourselves to be above that basic, almost animalistic behavior of accepting the loud boorish alpha, because we see ourselves as being smarter, more analytical etc. There are those who still live in the past. Who still succumb to things like propaganda. The internet may have increased access to information, but there’s still a lot to be done in clearing up bullshit (I can’t imagine how without Drumpf, I’d ever be aware of such a phenomenon). But further more, to these victims of ignorance, Drumpf is actually correct.

“Where there is a lack of hard science, the most ambiguous sounding bullshit often takes the place of fact” – @MetalPajamas

b) Some of his voters, actually have valid reasons (or rather an illusion of reason, since Drumpf doesn’t actually address these, but that just further proves my first point; i.e they lack information and knowledge). You see, between the poor white man, and the poor black man, the black man gets the job, because of affirmative action and legislative action. The white man, is left jobless. Further more, he’s shamed. Because we expect him to be rich and dignified just by virtue of him being white, and hence don’t believe he deserves a job as much as a black person does (There are other reasons, like how black/Hispanics are statistically just better workers but I’m trying to show the white dude’s perspective). He feels undignified. This shame fuels the need to “kick out the mexicans” and “get our jobs back”. This results in systematic racism and or hatred, it’s literally unavoidable. This is a mass example of why, even with affirmative action, you’re likely to create another minority, despite trying to help a larger minority. It exposes a systematic flaw, that to improve privileges for some, you must take away privileges from others. Check these out if you wanna understand a bit more:

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He dances merrily about this grey area where his ideas do somehow make sense. As surrealistic as the logic may be, and as terribly horrendous as the precedent seems when viewed objectively, Drumpf is “right” (rightness/wrongness is subjective).

And that’s how you bullshit, and get away with very hypocritical stances (e.g We’ll subsidize taxes for large MNCs so that they can outsource work to China and at the same time we’ll be nationalistic and get out jobs back from the damned Taco-Men! Ya’ll know how Drumpf do).

You dance about the grey area, and find the specific nuances where your surreal idea can dominate, and bank on that.

Hope that did you some good.