Time to Wake Up


All monsters are humans

Veiling their faces in malice,

But we are sweating in the Sun,

Only to make their golden chalice.


I was handed a hammer

Instead of a pen,

I was given a childhood

That no child could ever think of even.


Is it not unfair?

They give us a fierce glare

So their future could flare.


Tell me what accursed life is this?

That I cut rocks on blocks

While the same of my kind read books on Clocks.


Wake up humans!

Kill the monster that resides inside you.

Wake yourself up from the hibernation of a thousand decades!

Cause God will take count of

Every drop of tear

That has ever come out of an innocent heart’s fear.


The Story of their Life

tumblr_static_9wfqrop3ykw8cg8o0kw4844ocThe Kite Runner. This book was something that changed my perspective on everything in life. I never thought that a book will have such a big impact on me. I just finished it two months ago. I have read hundreds of books in my life. But this one, it’s something different. Though I don’t have the book right now with me, still I go through particular PDFs of the book every night before I sleep.
The story introduced me to a whole new world of Afghan life-their sacrifices,the war, the brotherhood and the “kite fighting tournament.”

“For you, a thousand times over.”

It is a story about friendship,loyalty,betrayal,guilt,brotherhood,redemption, survival and religion too, yeah religion, the relation of Sunnis and Shias.

“When you kill a man, you steal a life. You steal a wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness. There is no act more wretched than stealing.”

The story of Amir, and his Hazara friend Hassan. The hard choices that comes in front of Amir. I think that the character who tolerates the most pain in this book is Amir. In such a young age, he has to undergo through so many hard decisions. In such a young age, he enters the cruel game of Life. The book doesn’t fail to leave any heart untouched and allows us to recognize the emotions that are hidden inside us.

“I throw my makeshift jai-namaz, my prayer rug, on the floor and I get on my knees, lower my forehead to the ground, my tears soaking through the sheet. I bow to the west. Then I remember I haven’t prayed for over fifteen years. I have long forgotten the words. But it doesn’t matter, I will utter those few words I still remember: La illaha ila Allah, Muhammad u rasul ullah. There’s no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger. I see now that Baba was wrong, there’s a God, there always had been.

The best thing about the book is its sense of fate and justice. Despite all odds, Amir does return to his motherland and makes everything alright. He sees the reflection of Hassan in Sohrab’s face. A “Smile”, a smile was all that sat everything back in its place.

Only a smile.

P.S- I have left the story-telling part incomplete, because I request everyone who haven’t read the book but went through the review to read it. The story-telling will not be possible anyways, cause it will get too long in the telling. 😛

Purity Coated with Poison


New school, new life.
New air, fake smile.
New friends, all lie.
Good times, goodbye.
Tries to find ,good guys.
But ends up, with cries.
Friendly nature, such a curse.
Injustice , everywhere in the universe.
She fails in all her theories.
Leaving her eyes all teary.
She sees it, everything falling.
She feels it, everything breaking .
She likes to smoke now.
Good-hearted girl going bad.
One hope, she had.
Lost it, tragic and sad.
Everything disappears.
Nothing is like as it appears .
Sometimes its goodness.
Sometimes its evil
And sometimes we gonna sell our soul to the devil.
Sometimes guilt
We just need to tilt
A pure girl she was
Now faded in smoke
But purity had to die one day
As people loved to poke.
Purity is now long gone
Cause its now coated with poison and hence started a new dawn.


( A huge credit for the poem goes to Nahian Kabir who helped me a lot with this)

His Eyes Told Stories

7691510-young-and-old-hand-on-a-white-background-Stock-Photo-old-people-handsTen year old Nabila was in a plane on her way to her motherland Bangladesh. The last time she went there,she was only seven old. Her parents migrated overseas when she was five. It had been around 3 years she had seen her most favourite person in the world. She had many memories with him,reading storybooks, visiting different places, playing with him, singing songs and many more. He loved her very much,so did she. Then that the plane landed on Dhaka Airport. Nabila excitedly and joyfully ran to waiting area, hoping that he will be waiting for her, but she only saw her Uncle and Aunt. Nabila was hurt. Then they went all the way to her Uncle’s house. The most dissappointing moment came when she reached the doorway pf her Uncle’s house and saw all of her cousins and family members, except him. She started searching for him in all the rooms and at last found him in a small room by the stair way, there he lay, in a small bed, dull- and watery eyes, weak knees, dry and wrinkled skin and hunched shoulders, her loving Grandpa. The shoulders which once carried were now too weak to even carry the weight of a newborn baby. Nabila’s cousins told her that he had been very sick since one year. She started crying, ran to him and hugged him tightly, he recognised her and kissed her on the forehead. Days passed,Nabila stayed all day with her grandpa, read him stories, her grandpa did not talk much but his eyes revealed a million stories to Nabila, the eyes told that he is suffering from lack of love but his medical tests told that it was some minor heart disease. One day, Nabila heard her parents talking about taking grandpa somewhere but she did not understand what they were talking about. The next day Nabila’s cousins requested her to visit the zoo with them, she could not say no and went there, before going she gave grandpa a kiss on the forehead. After returning, she went to grandpa’s room to show him some balloons that she had bought for him, but he was not there.After asking her parents, she came to know that they had sent him to an Old Age home, as they lived overseas and her Uncle and Aunt was also busy with own life. She requested her parents to let her see grandpa for the last time before going abroad. Her parents took her there, after seeing grandpa, Nabila was heart broken, she noticed a deep sadness in his eyes, tears rolled down his cheeks. Nabila hugged him and told him she will get him out of there as soon as she grew up, but the little girl did not know that Life was a very cruel thing. Then her parents took her to the airpot, but Nabila did not stop crying. When the plane boarded, she felt sad and confused, then she asked her parents, ” Mom? Dad? When I grow up and get busy with my own life, will I look after you or send you to an Old Age Home?”
Shame and Silence were all that were answered.

Moments to Regret

regretMy school exams were over. It was winter vacation. So one day mom took me to shopping. Mom wanted to buy me dolls or video games. But before she could buy me those something else attracted me so much that I couldn’t take my eyes off. They were a pair of Wedge heels and they were very nice and fashionable. I couldn’t think about buying anything else but those Heels. So I asked mom to get me those pair of heels but mom denied because they were very expensive and on addition there was no occasion ahead where I could use them. So it would be of no use and wasn’t worth for rough use. I became very stubborn and kept on insisting but mom was not agreeing at all. In the end I became very upset and we returned home.
A couple of days passed and I dint talk to mom properly because she didn’t get me those heels. So mom thought of cheering me up and we went to a park in the evening. But still I couldn’t forget about those heels. So there was a small Ice cream stall and we went there. I and mom were having ice cream when suddenly we saw a very beautiful young lady entering the stall with a woman, maybe it was her mother. The girl wore a beautiful long dress. Mom noticed that she was walking with the help of crutches and then they sat on the table beside us. So at one point mom started talking with them and I was listening. Later what we learned about the girl was very shocking and upsetting and we literally felt like crying. Her name is Sayra and she is so young and beautiful, a university student of 2nd year. When mom asked her about her crutches both Sayra and her mother started crying describing how she lost both of her legs! On her way to university she went through a major road accident where a Bus went over her two legs and the last thing she can remember is she actually saw how her feet smashed and she could feel nothing below her knees and went blank! I and mom felt extremely bad for her. We were so shocked because her long dress didn’t reveal the fact that her legs were actually wooden! She also said that she had been in the hospital for more than a year and none of her friends supported her at that moment .She was 5.5 feet but now she is 5.2 feet. She has lost so much in her life but still she is living it accepting this fact. My mom hugged her before they left. The last thing Sayra said was that in those harsh moments of life no one but only her mother supported her, loved her and was always there for her.
After returning home I saw mom was very upset and was sitting silently. I went to her and she held my hand very tightly. I by the time realized my mistakes. How rude I had been acting for a stupid pair of shoes and hurt my mom in so many ways, Sayra on the other hand lost her two legs but still she was so strong. I apologized to my mom for what I did. I realized that I had the love and support of my parents which is above everything and how can a simple pair of shoes make me change my morals?

Listen Closely..


Leaving a note beside the lamp,
“I am running away, to search for the Devil,
I wanna see it, I wanna feel it”
She hurried to the driveway.
The night was dark, the weather was damp.
Eventually, she reached a camp.

There she saw a happy bon-fire feast,
The people there told her to stay,
As there was a Beast,
A beast which was too dangerous,
So please stay with us.

She stayed there that night,
But who knew when the sun will rise again?
No one did.
Everyday she was getting fed.
It was not edible, but it certainly was a food.
A kind of  food which had to be injected with a needle in her vein.
She came to know that she had been imprisoned in Satan’s reign.
And it had been three years since that night, and she was in great fright.

She craved and cried,
but the hunger did not die.
She ran to the field where the Satan lived,
She begged for her life,
But it was Satan!
He gave her a knife,
Telling her she had to choose,
Before the Sun rose…

She took the knife,
Soon there was blood in each and every scrap of the grass,
Her last words while she took her last breath was,
” I have not failed, I have accomplished,
I have found the Devil, you will not find it anywhere in
The Whole Universe,
Because it surely does reside in Us.”

“My Star”

I look up at the sky,
I see the birds flying away, back to their nest.
I see the twilight,
The end of the day which is so bright.
I guess it’s time for the sun to rest,
Soon darkness will be everywhere.
But I have  got nothing to fear,
As I have my Star with me,
She is like no other,
And she will be always there,
‘Cause she is my Mother.

I wonder…

Life. These four letters hide thousands of secrets. But for our generation, it’s a little different. They think it’s a movie. And they think themselves as the stars and form their own constellation, but sometimes this constellation becomes the cause of their destruction….