Saving The World

Human brains are an amazing feat of Allah’s creation. Everyone is hardwired with the power to process information at incredible speeds and countless other built-in functions that allow one to perform complex actions. One these functions is called “Denial”. Denial is the reason no one is terrified of death being a possibility at any moment of the day; it helps one focus on the more immediate problems in hand, that one believes he or she can solve, like going to school on time or deciding whether A or B is the right answer. It keeps the worst of one’s fears locked away and helps one maintain sanity. But today, Denial may destroy the world. Continue reading


Ask yourself.


Imagine you are back in kindergarten. It is the beginning of the day and you are having a quick chat with your friends before the teacher arrives. Suddenly, a new kid comes in. You can tell from his appearance that he is not a regular kid. Technically, he is wearing the proper uniform but it seems to be a bit over-sized for his skinny, small body. He has slippers instead of shoes and his entire apparel, although clean, seems old and worn out – quite odd for a newcomer. You see him looking around wondrously, marveling at every single detail of the classroom. He eventually finds a seat but keeps shuffling uncomfortably, definitely feeling out of place. It takes you a while but, eventually, you deduce that he belongs to a very underprivileged family. His eyes keep scanning the room until they finally fall upon yours.

Now comes the moment…

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Drawing like a nine year old

I  remember sitting cross-legged on the floor of  my balcony. Having finished all my studies and the usual power cut preventing me from sitting on my computer, I would end up there with my brown artbook and a lap full of crayons.While my unfocused eyes stared blankly at the jackfruit tree in front, endless ideas would rush past my head zooming away like a swarm of bees. All I had to do reach out, grab one and put it on the page.

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