I Have Evolved. Period.

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There is always something to learn from every moment that I have experienced so far. I look back and feel that I have grown so much as a person that sometimes, I am scared that I was unaware of so many colors to my individuality. Trust me, every single person that came into my life, came for a reason and I now understand and can finally feel the bliss that I was blessed with. I can never pen it as well as I have experienced the morals but I will try as much as my capability allows me to. Continue reading


My Bookmark

Passion of Red,
Pain that shed.
Not forgotten ; I have not forgotten.

Love through Tears;
Pride that flares
A story forgotten; Is it not forgotten?

The Modesty of Green:
The throne of my Queen
Owes respect; I respect!

Sacrifices of the pure
Healers for the cure
Owes respect; Our utmost respect!

All hue and cry
Escapes through a sigh
Can’t deny;  I won’t deny.

Disturbed making ‘peace’
Patriotism deceased .
Won’t deny; Can you deny?

Humanity grieves
As to barbarism lives
And it doubles everyday…

But they will fake tonight
A phase of being polite…
Cause it’s just another day?!

But if that’s what YOU think
Then, you are so out of sync
Cause it’s the day of our Victory.

It’s the day to celebrate
And pay respect to this date..
Cause it’s the day of MY Victory.





It’s My Call


The world is against me.
I can sense it, so strong.
My instincts are screaming,

The pain is crawling,
Crawling ‘neath my skin.
People, trying to wreck me
And fling me to bin.

All the chaos and struggle;
The unrest and stress
Leaves me with doubts
In the mold of a mess.

I bury my own tale
In the midst of my chest.
Praying hard to God
And hoping for the best.


Face It Already!

Please take a seat
And do enjoy the show.
Also, after my drama
I will take a bow.

Oh please, no pressure
It’s just my life that’s lost.
It’s not like it matters:
You don’t look so crossed.

My only hope was murdered;
My only chance was mugged.
Fake failure killed my existence
Only by death, I was hugged.

But don’t you worry,honey
It’s nothing new to you!
But you know what my darling?
I wish you haven’t screwed.

I wish you haven’t let
This system run so wrong.
I ended up among corpses
Not somewhere I belong!

Oh Well….

My Present gave me a present
As my Past passed me by.
My Future gave me a fearful look
As Time whispered “Try!”

The Lost Memories haunt me;
The Hate hunts me down.
I’ve also heard lately
That Mr. Love is in town.

My Heart skips a beat
As my Mind goes all numb.
My Career takes a leap
And up goes the Thumb.

Among-st all this Chaos
My Pride grows obese;
A part of Me is lost
For her, “Rest in Peace”.

–Anika Neela  (@BlessTheBliss)


Note To Self

His heart is broken:
His dreams scattered
His faith shattered.

Her soul is shaken:
Her love betrayed
Her life strayed.

His mind is lost:
His beliefs twisted
His thoughts misted.

Her goal is tossed:
Her grit faded
Her ideas traded.

But…Did you notice?

Both of them got sorrows
None shared,none borrowed.
But yet none of them is dead
Life’s much like a thread.
The journey can be tough
The roads maybe rough.
But it’s okay to fall weak
To face climax at its peak.
Just hold on my dear
And cherish all your tears
Cause when you become old
Those memories can’t be sold.

Title: It’s Halloween, Isn’t It?

“Master, please have mercy on me! You are my Lord, you are my God,” pleaded the poor slave. Can’t really remember his name though, since he was just freshly bought. Oh well, I bet he won’t have any name either after entering this kingdom of hell.

“Oh no! I know exactly the type you are. Don’t try to put on this act. Now bear it,” Master Craddock said roughly while whipping the slave. He would do this to every new slave he bought. I don’t know why but in his words, he thought it was very manly and masterly of ‘showing’ the slaves their place  in the house or else, they may try to flee. Honestly, I really felt very bad for that slave but I did not have a voice. I must not speak or else…or else, he would do the same to me. [A Bitter Laugh] I can really get forgetful sometimes. He can’t do anything to me…….. not anymore.
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Not Sure…

Glowing pumpkins around her place;
Dirt everywhere ; such disgrace!
Old and shabby looking house
Squeaky sounds of filthy mouse.
Not a soul during daylight
Crawling zombies for a fight.
Why does she live by that grave?
Dark spirits tiptoe; they too crave
For blood and flesh; soul and heart
Her eyes so dull but mind so smart.
What is her motive,I contemplate.
Do you know what she’s up to, mate?

 A very happy Halloween to all of you guys!! Sharing some of my favorite moments of last year’s Halloween with my host family in Alabama.
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A Silent Cry


That love in your voice is gone

That love in your voice is GONE!!

Ego has taken its place..

And I am left with tears all alone.

I am not going to cry today

I am NOT going to cry today!!!

Darn! These eyes betray me

And they won’t listen to what I say.

I write this with a heavy heart

I swear,it is my bleeding heart!!

My mind pats me as it suggests

It is indeed time for a new start.

Forgetting things is not so hard

People forget as time ascends.

But how do you stop loving someone

On whom your very life depends?

Did you ever really love me?

Or was it just the idea of me?

But this dumb heart of mine

God knows why it can’t see!!

I forgave your abusive words

Gave you countless chances!!

All that everyone kept on saying,

“Forget him as time advances”.

NO! You are not that person.

You are not whom I vowed my soul.

You kept on changing with seasons

And now you play a different role.


That love in your voice is gone

That love in your voice is GONE!!

Ego has taken its place..

And I am left with tears all alone.

**Note: Not extracted from my life**

Note To Self


Kiss the tears off you

Hug the pain away

Dream with fairies too

With music we shall sway.

Love yourself today

Let go of the hate

Smiles will sing and say,

“What do you say,mate?”

Time will walk with you

Wind will fill your sails

Ignorance says,”what to do?”

Wisdom repeatedly nails. 

Don’t you give up now

Hold on a bit longer

To yourself,make a vow

It will only make you stronger.

Lock the sparkle in your eyes

Breathe the air of fate

You can reach out to the sky

Darling,it’s not too late!