Melody Of The Divine Silence

Winds of Aeolus, glazed in despair,
A divine impulse of pain,
Haunted by the reality I cannot repair.
I found the love of my life, you kept searching however,
Made me keep my words, as I promised to wait forever.
Diseased in ordeal, my spirit fades,
Is there a remedy or is there none?
Everything is gone, yet the pain carries on.

Your whispers echo through the halls
Losing sanity, I fight to forget.
Clutching my hair, the voices don’t stop,
I’m caged, rotting within these empty walls.
I want to live, who is there to teach?
Arms of relief, still far away from reach!

Tales of a thousand misery
Dating back to every dire memory.
Suffocating, the drugs no longer ease
I hide a pain, only my reflection sees.
They tell me to move on and stop dreaming.
They think I’m crazy,
But they don’t know the feeling!
The piece I’m missing, kills me within,
Have I anyone? Or is it another trick?
Will anyone bring me flowers,
When my clocks stops to tick?

In God, I never believed but now I’m down to my knees
Sorrowing, I wish to live
A life where darkness never came
Where you were something,
Something more than just a picture in the frame.
Despaired in narcotics,
Alas, I deem to open the locker,
Lost in thoughts, I gaze at the equalizer.
A final sip of the wine, I aimed up temple.
5 turns of life, and 1 turn of freedom.
Avenge my lord, shame we had to meet so late
On a wheel of fortune, playing the game of fate.


| Copyright Disclaimer: The composition has originally appeared on Huffington Post under author, Ahsanul Kabir. I, Ahsanul Kabir, am the original author bearing complete permission to further publish the article without conflicting any HuffPost regulations |


The Final Memoir Of The Vitriol Symphony

Why are dreams so deceiving?
I kept dreaming while everything trembled before me
The storm of emptiness prevailed as she left without any regret
Killed all emotions and turned me into a lifeless silhouette
Lost in the darkest of any day with my soul betrayed
I stood in disbelieve while my friends began to fade
Sudden unforeseen melancholy approached in disguise
Delirious from the narcotics I kept smiling at my own demise

Every day is an endless array of flashbacks aired
Paranoid I remain, haunted by the memories we shared
Losing all hope, voices of regrets started echoing
Our dying love, I couldn’t save
Our dying friendship, I couldn’t value
Life spent in delusions now ceased to seem worth living
Miserable years thinking death was what I craved
Now that I feel death is here
I realise all I wanted was to be saved

As time passed by, my mind proved to be my worst enemy
Every song brings life to a million dead memories
I’m left so lonely, even my shadow decided to flee
I cried endlessly while even my reflection laughed at me
The voices in my head don’t stop
Heaviness in my heart won’t let me breathe
I’m sorry for not being the perfect friend
I’m sorry for not being your perfect boyfriend

I wander around in the blaring somber rain
Drenched in sorrow, I decay awaiting for your reply
The sands of time pities none
This may just be our last goodbye
I know you’all hate me and wished I was lost at sea
But today I hold my hands in hope
And perhaps someday you all would forgive me.

Song Of The Mute Raven

The dawn of a new day brings forth the dawn of darkness
Stuck in the wrong side of heaven
Where prayers do not reach
Where blood sheds more than tears
Our cries don’t overlap the sirens of death
Fighting for the flag till the end of every breath
Walking well armed, witnessing the kids playing in the sand
The war continues and I wipe my tears
While I dig their graves with my own hands
Kids, elders patriarch offered no compromise
Once smiling, next witnessing their family’s demise
The memories of the dead wars with my smile
This war holds no merit
Killing millions, leaving no one to benefit

The winter of solitude approaches, I stand alone singing my song
What has become of us? Killing our sons with the bullet aimed
We are God’s creation, He sees all from the heavens above
Being the creator of such monsters wouldn’t He feel ashamed?
Victims of law and order, spectators of mindless brutality
We fight the war, offering no love nor hospitality
You can hate me and push me against the wall
But can you look me in the eyes, hand held against the heart
And say the wars we fight is not wrong?
We lost so many, left millions homeless
Yet we continue warfare against our own kind
Deaf to the voice of humanity by the sound of bullets
War was never the solution, ends with 3 letters in the dictionary
But it’s a never-ending show of homicides and criminal acts in reality
We may get the victory but at what cost?
A million medals can never replace the blood our brothers have lost

Brothers in arms, sent into politics given the name of war
We fight wars being forced by orders from the people superior
We are damsels in distress and to them our blood remains inferior
You give us guns and order us to kill one another
Give the citizens false hope of peace and unity
We drop our bombs and leave kids to cry in vain
As they wipe their tears beside the grave of their dead mother
Yet this remains unseen by the citizens as this is a news which your media will never cover.

Lullaby Of A Verisimilitude Existence

I crave the era when life was elementary
Attaining triumphs with limited efforts
But if I had never followed the rainbow
Never chased the direction where the winds usually blow
All my sovereignty would never have met reality

Life presented obstacles and barricades
Built with a gleaming essence of poignance
I watched the winter of discontented harmony flourish
Starting the forthcoming of seamless dilemma
But I remained faithful and continued my reign of dominance

Now success and fortune are at my feet
I sleep under an air conditioner and away from the heat
To Life I never stood motionless and bowed
Rose above all the hate and never gave up
And today my parents hug me and say “son you have made us proud”

I have all the money and happiness in life
Proud parents, beautiful children and a loving wife
I have no despair in life which taught me all the lessons I learned
I roam around the streets with my loved ones
Embroidered with the honour and respect I have earned

To my wife I am a successful companion with no flaws
To my kids I am a superhero, they call me super daddy
But As The time passed by
The clouds cleared
My mind came back to the reality which had no colour
I wiped the tears from my eyes
Realising I was nothing but a mere rickshaw puller

Restless Memoirs Of The Vitriol Symphony – II

Been years, yet prosperity remains a distant memory
Insidious dreams still so imaginary
Lost in Hades, I sat down for her, waiting
But she never came back, while I just kept burning
Was it that easy for her to leave?
Or was love never there in the first place?
A fool I remained, watching her fade away into the horizon
She never glanced back and kept walking without any grieve
Destiny brought us together but why did she chose to leave?

She said she had enough, kicked me and shattered my heart to pieces
I became a prisoner of the mind, hiding from all the laughing faces
Once a lonely wolf, scared of the world outside
But never realised the loneliness that lived inside
She came into my life like a mistress in disguise
But the bridge of trust soon collapsed with her burden of lies
The cries of despair made me blind to night and dawn
I sat motionless hoping she was not gone
As time passed by, the drugs began to hit the veins
*tick *tock went the clock
And soon the scavengers of depression started to feed on my remains
I linger in the silence with a broken chalice of hope

I linger in the silence with a broken chalice of hope
Believing one day she will come back to embrace this lone wolf
I know no boundaries, I know no shame
Let thousand of years be passed, I will never forget your name
Our dying love, it prays in vain to live
Help it survive, there is no harm done which you can’t forgive
The silence speaks and darkness sees,
The dreams we had are still living in the pages we drew
No matter what happens, the truth is I will always love you

I wander around in the blaring somber rain
Procuring a place of hope and content harmony
If only I had a home up in the sky
Where I could hide alone and cry
Where your memories could not reach
And perhaps one day I could forget about this vitriol

Dawn Of Dysphoria

Here comes the dawn of a new day, living the same life, after the same trends and obeying the same chain of commands to seek happiness in life. But conundrum question is, are we really happy? Mankind has reached out so far beyond the heavens that all our creations have become the triggers to our own demise. We become so associated with our daily agendas that we become unaware as the crepuscular bleakness slowly devours all emotions and enters the mind into a state of total obscurity where we are nothing more than prisoners. In the mind, there is sheer darkness with untraceable voices echoing from all horizons which casually depletes every single drop of enthusiasm and persistence remaining inside of us, thus defecating the elements of frustration and anxiety, turning us into the very monster that we once feared as youngsters.

We are born to act like slaves and work for the people who pay us worthless pieces of paper we call money. As kids, we discover the world through TV screens and learn the aspects of life through books and school lectures. The idea of freedom and being independent enough to make a difference in this world perishes along with the sense of adventure and odyssey, as we are treated like robots, being integrated with transferred data we call knowledge. We are taught to obey the rules but not to question them. We are born with specific religions followed by our parents but never asked to execute self-judgement. Lives being controlled by systematic traditions and still happiness is expected from everyone. We become so preoccupied to earn a settled life in this brief existence that we forget to enjoy it in the first place. Is this the true meaning of life?

We live in a world where we are controlled by big corporations and personals to do their job so that we can earn some bits of paper in return of our blood and sweat. Why is a piece of paper so crucial in life? Why does a piece of paper signify a person’s power and capability, whereas certain talents and skills still have to stay in silence? Why do certain lives hold more value than others? We are presented an illusion that poverty and scarcity are slowly fading but still thousands of capable people die out of starvation just because a worthless piece of paper is needed to get the vital elements needed for survival including the gifts provided by mother nature. For the benefit of huge corporations we cut down hundreds of forests and leave millions of creatures homeless and try to shadow the homicidal deed by the fake hope of charities and pointless endowments casted by the media we trust.

Alas, the day has come when you can trust your enemies more than your friends. Enemies would own their aggression and animosity towards you even under the most resilient conditions. The most depressive truth about life is that enemies can always be trusted on the fact that betrayal never comes from them. Whereas we are betraying ourselves by setting up a whole parade of lies and delusion. What is the meaning of existence if the only purpose of life is to serve. We see our flaws and defection right before our eyes but still overlook the massacre as we are blinded by technology bringing our fantasies to reality. Our inventions are not signs of our brilliance but are slowly replacing us and blocking the unique creativity that we once possessed. Our entire life is based on a lie that we live knowingly but are too disorganized to raise a finger against the conspiracy. So let’s wake up from this delusion and let’s make a difference.


Restless Memoirs Of The Vitriol Symphony

Prosperity lost into the ceaseless abyss
Insidious dreams yet so imaginary
Drowning in a sea of lies and deception
While resilience fading to non existence
Perceiving numerous allies under my sight
But none looks back to see if i am alright

I am lost in a sea of morbid obscurity with no one to turn
Forsaken by everyone and helped by none, delusion by the
virtue of losing my special one
Everyday is a deja vu
Where misery and deformity are relevant
Recalling long deceased memories from a scarred feather
Still telling myself that we belong together

I wear a mask and pretend to be happy
Serving smiles and hoping things will sort out itself
Hundreds of nights have passed in solitude, the feelings
just don’t die
The distinct certainty doesn’t hide, And I realize
In the silence of the dark I am only fooling myself

I wander around in the blaring somber rain
Procuring a place of hope and content harmony
If only I had a home up in the sky
Where I could hide alone and cry
Where your memories could not reach
And perhaps one day I could forget about this vitriol