Teach Me How To Lie

Teach me how to lie,
for I can’t swipe it under the rug
no matter how hard I try.

Those masks you wear,
Are they being sold?
To live properly, it’s a requirement –
Or so I’m told.

The crafting of the mask-
could you please, show me the way?
‘Makes everything far more easier’ –
is what they say.

Words forming from letters – fabricated phrases into tales,
Till all of this farce starts making sense,
Teach me the art of distortion
Let me be another lamb in the fence.

For masked monsters fed on my flesh,
kept tearing my heart with their claws,
I was never fit to participate in this race
for Honesty – was my ever fatal flaw.

See folks, I can’t seem to lie
Cure me of this ‘disease’, before I die.
Dear God, Almighty, I ask of you –
Is Veracity a sin?
Then let me replace Falsity with Silence –
the next best thing.

So with this thread of reticence,
I put the needle in and pull it out –
sew my lips sealed,
So my soul can’t shout.

Use those rose-tinted glasses, yes cover my teary eyes,
Paint my vision with believable, powerful, beautiful lies.

So I smile blind with these sewed lips,
my voice shut down,
Finally, I’m a ‘proper ‘ person now,
this time around.


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