If there was a way to explain,

Words to describe,

Gestures to illustrate

This gnawing hollowness within me

I would


There is some entity

Nesting within my Cimmerian depths.

Taking upon a grotesque appearance;

A manifestation of nightmares.


Insomnia eats away at the nights

Sleep deprivation, the days.

Paranoia stalks from the shadows


Darkness lunges trying to trip.

Striving to inflict pain

And exults from victory.


Smaragdine expanses keep them at bay.

Even then whispers thunder

Deafening the fragile ears.


Wind shatters from sheer thrust

Rain pounds down to wash,

but fails.

Stains so black,

So melanoid refuses to fade.


Thick obsidian glass blocks view.

Barricades passages


You trend upon an obscure path.


Years of barren conquests

Futile conquests

But finally, the answer came to light

“Everyone has it, but no one can lose it”



Trapped within lead

Chained in potassium

Fragile but explosive

Alluring but corrosive.


The most sinful thing of all is

She loves the darkness that fills her

She lives on chaos

On destruction

For pain & sorrow.



There was purity

Clear as crystal

Her love could breathe life

Her care could heal wounded & broken

Her will could cleanse

Her passion could raise lost souls


Concoction of all these gave birth to

A girl

A girl with a crown of roses and thorns upon her head.

With mellow brown eyes

Those that would fade to a shade of platinum

Or darken to jet black veined with red


She is the entity living within

Breathing the same air

Blood flowing through the same veins


“Everyone has it, but no one can lose it.”

A Shadow


That girl, the entity?

That girl is me.



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