Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy

Sometimes I wonder if it’s all just a sick lie.
Everything around me is an illusion.
People around me are holograms.

I wonder if I will wake up someday with a start and realize none of it was true.

All these people I’m meeting and getting acquainted with.
All these events I’m participating in.
All these activities that I’m doing.
All these smiles and laughter.
All this love and heartache.

All these memories.

What if it was all just a sick game.
A bittersweet lie.
Some virtual reality stimulation.

Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, otherwise commonly known as Broken Heart Syndrome.
That would be the first thing I’d be diagnosed with.
And that too in a severe form.

Who knows.
Maybe, just maybe, these things won’t be snatched away brutally from me.
It won’t be ripped apart from my heart.
It won’t be extirpated from my mind.

But then I have no control over what this world, this life, more precisely holds for me.

All I can do is go along with the flow like the streams flow through rivers then finally out to the ocean.

Going against the grain is worthwhile, yes, definitely.
That would explain the wounds and burns I bear on my mortal body.


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