IMG_0199.JPGIt looks like you are stuck in the same place again.
Ending things, at the place where it all began,
When life goes wrong
Would you pull it back up
Or carry on with the pieces you found?
All the pain you have suffered,
All the bitches you have caught,
All the anxious mornings and all the nights you guys fought.

Who would pay for them?
When you both are lost in the game.
Rat race, fucking cold wars.
Scratching, biting and all those scars.
Ended up hiding behind excuses, deciding on coin toss.
When life is nothing unpredictable, it’s about loss.

Heal yourself and never look back.
People will stab you and show you what you lack.
You don’t need to validate yourself or win.
No need to show them what you have seen.
Spread love and concern,
Not jealous and aversion.
Love yourself, do what’s right.
Cause at the end it’s always night.
So fight.

             -Samara Hasan-


One thought on “-Fight-

  1. Absolutely stunning.
    The way the sentences were constructed so that the story hits us in small parts instead of all at once was commendable.
    I love the rhymes ( both the perfect and slant ones ) and the rhyme scheme used for the most part was 1122 which really works great for this poem. Small intricate details about the poem were carefully crafted. Might not be intentional but it IS intuitive which clearly shows how great of a grasp you have about the poetry you write.

    The part of the poem that caught my eye the most was the stanzas.
    The first stanza clearly talks about the problems and the second stanza is a little strong, asking you to take authority over your life and mistakes. The third stanza is really nice as it tells the reader to stay strong and fight ( essentially a great message for any part of life).
    Overall, very well written.

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