Time to Wake Up


All monsters are humans

Veiling their faces in malice,

But we are sweating in the Sun,

Only to make their golden chalice.


I was handed a hammer

Instead of a pen,

I was given a childhood

That no child could ever think of even.


Is it not unfair?

They give us a fierce glare

So their future could flare.


Tell me what accursed life is this?

That I cut rocks on blocks

While the same of my kind read books on Clocks.


Wake up humans!

Kill the monster that resides inside you.

Wake yourself up from the hibernation of a thousand decades!

Cause God will take count of

Every drop of tear

That has ever come out of an innocent heart’s fear.


6 thoughts on “Time to Wake Up

  1. Lovely poem with occasional rhymes ( both slant or direct rhymes ).
    Commendable how you conveyed the story of these rough times in such a wonderful way.

    [ Just saying: You didn’t get any like / comment because you posted the poem in “Articles” and didn’t put any tags hence nobody found your poem in the first place ]

    Liked by 1 person

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