Will you?

Will you kiss me?
if i say this is the last time your lips will touch mine,
Will you still embrace my love
that i have given you for years?
would you believe me if i say,
all the years the memories i made with you,
i will carry them with me to my grave?
Will you look into my eyes,
and search for another world,
for one last time as i march towards the abyss of death?
When you held me for all these years,
i felt a thrill rushing through my body,
Like butterflies staying inside my corpse. would it feel the same way,
when you will touch my skin for the last time?
Years later,
when you will look back into the oblivion of the past,
will i be a mirage to you?
a mirage, if existed you could have had a happy peaceful life.
Would you still look at me with those lively eyes,
when i will say to you that the invitation for my death has already come and the grim reaper is right outside the door. Will you still say you are in love with me,
when i will leave the next second,
saying goodbye to you forever.
Will you promise me?
to live happily,
to forget me and memories,
as i walk out towards my end.
will you still kiss me? for the last time.
So i can close my eyes and jump into the unknown, afterlife.


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