Suicide Note

The words that I am going to write,
Can be the last words I will write in this life.
Do I want it to end sad?
Do I want it to end happy?
I really have no clue,
The same way as my life.

It all started that time, that supposedly wonderful dawn,
Me breathing and crying when I was born.
For a while I lived in the world full of happiness,
But the feeling didn’t last for long,
It was back to me and my sad song.

Some called my tears,
Tears of joy;
Some called it as tears of dissatisfaction.
Oh, did they ever realize all these years,
I just cried in pain of this loneliness inside.

I am saying this out loud now,
The fear in me for the world is gone now,
I feel so light, that I have the guts to stand on the roof.
And jump to end my life.

They’ll call me a coward for what I have done,
But these people were the one who made me come to this place anyway,
Wont they be happy to read?
Another one they trapped with their harsh words.
Is no more in this world again.

I don’t want to say that
All my life I have been sad.
There were times when I loved my life,
The friends i got,
The family i shared,
They made my life into a beautiful story,
How much i wish, none of them ever left or betrayed me.

My energy is about to run out,
But I made this promise to someone I love.
Those words echo in my ears.
“May death not do us apart”
Oh my dear, death didn’t separate us. You did.

And again I cry in the end,
Just like how my story began.
This whole journey called life,
I learn one thing.
How to cry.
And here I am, saying this for one last time.


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