Her Side of the Story

A Tale of Sanguis & Lacrima.

Life was never okay to begin with. Everything else just made it worse. My only source of happiness and comfort was my dad, until it was gone too. Just like everything good in this world. They end too soon.

It was my mom who made me suffer the most. Then she left my dad for someone with a bigger paycheck. She used to practice all sorts of excruciating torture methods on me. One time, she forced a scalding hot rod into my vagina because I discovered pleasure in it. I experienced something nice for the first time in a long time and it was immediately taken away from me.

All these pain and misery just because I was her ultimate mistake. She always complained about how I made her life miserable and shut her doors of opportunities. She wanted to visit the clinic to get rid of me but dad convinced her otherwise. After I was born she wanted to wrap me up and leave me at  the gutter for the dogs to pick me up and take me into their family because she said that is where I belonged. My worth was among the filthy garbage scavenging dogs, she said. I say I would have been blessed if that happened, for my mother was a cold, heartless monster who knew no love at all. Whereas dogs are made of love, they’d lay down their lives for you, they would never leave your side.

She also made life miserable for my dad because of the same reason. That one time in high school she let him knock her up with a cheap condom which she soon came to regret. Me and my dad had a common relationship with her. All harassment and no love. If only he was home often, he could have been there to save me from her everyday tortures.

The time when he and mom separated, I thought I was freed from all the sufferings. But it left my dad devastated. He was not himself anymore. Instead he became as vile as mom. He started blaming me for everything; like, it was my fault that mom left, it was my fault that he couldn’t earn enough and keep her satisfied. He started picking up all of moms bad habits. He started beating me, harassing me and working me like a slave.

It was ‘mom’ all over again until it became worse. He got drunk and then he started feeling lonely and then he had all these urges.. I thought I had lived through the worst already. I thought my life could not be any more painful than it already was… I was Wrong… I WAS SO WRONG!


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