Deliel’s Quest

Li’ll Del is walking all alone,
Li’ll Del wants to find her way home.
She walked across desolated streets and plaza,
She’s staggering on the broken boulevards of Gaza.
How strange fate is! So fickle,  so absurd!
for Deliel’s morning was so ordinary, undisturbed!
A smoky pie from mama, a kiss from papa,
then she went to school,  our child of Gaza.
There she was,  happy as a clam,
Did she ever know that she’d be damned?
So she walked, her dress brand new,
danced in the wind, blue in hue.
Tied with blue ribbons, her brown hair,
her brother’s gentle touch, filled with care.
So school she went, played with her friend,
Who ever knew that it was near the end?
As she was learning literature, maths,riddles of science to crack,
Boom! Boom!
All of a sudden,  her entire world went pitch black!
As she woke up amongst dust and rubble,
she saw something unseen before,
Her school, her playground,  her friends and teachers,
there was nothing there, empty,  no more.
Deliel is now walking all alone,
She wants to find her way home.
Her tattered dress, now marred with dust,
Her bare feet, now drenched in blood.
She saw the clock tower,  which once stood with might,
now dead, halted, broken, so slight.
She is walking on the path where angels don’t tread,
Deliel is now walking in the city of the dead.
As she looks at the bloodstained sky, does she know?
That Death is watching hell reign down below!
Deliel is staggering all alone,
her tears have dried on their own.
Look how cruel the world is!
Where tyranny reigns and justice weeps!
A puppet,  that’s all what she is, a pawn in a game,
Stripped off her rights, freedom,  her name!
She stares at the messengers of death above,
soaring furiously, devoid of mercy or love.
Deliel walks in the city of the dead,
Humanity has albatross around its neck!
So she walks amongst corpse, how it reeks!
Tired, numb and limp, she still seeks.
Humiliated Jesus’s cross, broken domes,
she saw it all, but she didn’t find home.
The tree near her house, she sees it finally!
She’s going to be reunited, with her family.
Another corner,
Just a little more..
She’ll see her mom, waiting at the door.
But wait, Stop.. where’s her house?
Fear crept as the question roused.
something is horribly wrong!
Reality hits, after the search for so long. 
For there was no house, only rubble,
As death smirks, bursting her bubble.
Her eyes averted to the now crimson stained, her brother’s ball, 
It’s owner now, unable to hear, her torn calls.
Grasping it tightly, she now wails,
For all her search has failed!
Dead. Gone. Her family is gone!
This time she truly is all alone!
As tears streamed down, did she notice?
that the radars found another target to practice?

As she looks at the scarlet sky, now she knows,
That Death is watching, hell reign down below.

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