Lost Hopes


“Look past the clouds,
You will find sunshine”
But her heart clenched the darkness,
And her mind gave into the chaos.

It’s not the shattered dreams that haunted her,
But the empty space where they used to be;
The smile that simply faded away,
Without one last attempt to stay.

Their crooked rules
Never befitted her life.
They stood-a barrier,
In the path of her dreams.

She reached out in all directions,
Like a curious hand with blind eyes.
Sharp knives pierced her,
Cries of pain were only heard.

The dark night dug into her skin,
And the cold harsh wind made her shudder,
As she stood in the graveyard…of her dreams.
She was haunted by the lost hopes,
That only she could feel.


7 thoughts on “Lost Hopes

  1. Quite well written . The words were spot on but felt quite sporadic on the context put by the arrangement of words.
    In the end, it was kinda wanting to ask for more so job well done.
    I loved the Emily Dickinson type using of ” – ” . Niceeee
    Good job.


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