My friends looked up at the sky,
and yelled out to me
how beautiful you were,
how you made them wonder,
what a beautiful earth we live in.
But a fear crept inside me,
you were nothing but,
the spawn of the devil
as angel in disguise.
When people begged on a sunny day,
it should rain,
I begged the lord up above these
hollow molecules, to save me from you.
I loved the days when the sky was so clear,
I would be astonished at the different colors
the sky could take, from blue to black.
So peaceful and so calm.
Yet like an eagle you soar away in the sky,
With everyone’s admiration,
but nobody sees the risks you carry along.
I didn’t loathe you from the day I was born,
I was foolish like everyone to look upon you and dream,
but one day out the blue,
you the white one, rained blood instead of water.
The Aircraft which hid behind you
shot bullets at my family
making me into an orphan,
each time you moved from one place to another,
you bring death.
The droughts, the flood.
Why don’t people notice?
how you show your true color
when you get angry,
and discharge lightning
to kill innocent beings.
you who bring the drought,
also bring the floods.
Why doesn’t anyone believe me?
as I look at you,
I see you,
the devil smiling at me
behind those innocent white patches in the sky.
The clouds. Oh, how much I wish you would leave the sky,
so i can live peacefully under this beautiful sky.
Some people say I am afraid of you,
but that’s not true,
I am not scared of you I am rather
afraid of what you can do.
Some even worship you,
but little do they know,
you don’t care about anything,
the only motto in your life is to destroy,
all the beautiful songs
how inspiring you are all down the drain.
You are just another thing
bringing humanity closer
to doomsday.
Please go away,
Please let me live in peace.
I know you want to kill me like my family,
but I will die one day,
all the sins I did will pay off
when some particles inside me reach you
and become one of yours.
That’s what real hell is to me.
~ The one who can’t escape you.


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