Death Bell

A group of 20 high school students partook an elite class to prepare for college exam. Among them are Kayla, and her best friend Marissa, and the class clown Kevin, who harbored an affection for Kayla.

On the first day of their elite, they were assigned to write a description of the talking which were shown in the class TV. Suddenly, the class was interrupted by the TV showing a video of the top-ranking student, Madison, trapped in a glass that was slowly filling up with water. A voice over the PA system announced that they have to give another exam. Failure to answer them in time would lead to their death. It also warned them and their two teachers, Chris and Charlotte, against leaving the school. The first question was written in the glass tank:

1st: Solve all of equations which are written down and combine them into one complete answer in time. => Unknown. There are 2 equations of circle: x^2+y^2-10x+12y+57=0 (Central point coordinate and radius are (5, -6), 2, respectively), and x^2+y^2-10x-4y+25=0(Central point coordinate is (5, 2), radius is 2 as well).                                                                                                                                                                        The class fails to solve the first question to save Madison.

Despite the warning, the class tries to leave the school building, but found their hall monitor, Leo, beaten to death. Mark (Guard and caretaker of the school) was the only person there to guard the students. Soon they noticed that another student, Samuel, was missing. That time a sound of a bell was heard. Again the same voice from the PA made an announcement for the students to prepare for the second test and also warned them not to leave the school. It was going to be a listening test. The paragraph would only be heard once. From the PA they heard Samuel screaming. That time a voice of a small girl asked “What is your name?”. He answered “Samuel”. Then the girl asked “What is your sin?”. He cried and said “My mom was greedy!”.

2nd test: Go to the auditorium and find out the 8 characters of the word ‘Greed’ in Chinese.

After thinking for few minutes Kayla found the answer but unfortunately, she was too late. Samuel’s dead body was dropped from a gap in the ceiling of the auditorium mysteriously. Hot wax covered his whole body which means he was kept under candles drippings. And the answer was written on his chest with a blade. Seeing the body made Joshua vomit. That time he was pulled out of sight, unnoticed. The students then realized that Joshua was missing too. Chris, a teacher, suggested splitting into two groups. Kayla figured out the connection between the deaths and the students rank so she went with Kevin to the office room. According to the ranking 1st Madison, 2nd Samuel and then Joshua, after that, Sophia then her  best friend Marissa and then herself and so on. On the auditorium few students, including Sophia, were planning to go and hide in their classrooms. Marissa thought it would be safe so she also wanted to go without telling Kayla. They told their teachers that they wanted to go to the washroom. There were many students that’s why they got the permission. Kayla told Mr. Chris that students are being killed according to the ranking. So, they thought of splitting into two groups. Kayla and Kevin went with their teacher Charlotte with some few students to dig out some information.

There was another bell sound. Following the instruction Mr. Chris arrived with few students in their computer lab. On the board there were some pictures and a question.

3rd: Complete the sentence relating with those pictures and find the password. Write the answer in the computer.                                                                                                                                                       The students again found the answer which was “One fine spring day. Remember the auditorium”. But when they entered the password, they saw Joshua’s dead body. The answer was on his chest. There were a lot of cuts on his body with blade and his mouth was stuffed with flower petals.

In a class the few students were sitting when they heard a sound of footstep. Suddenly the door broke and the light turned off and on by itself. That time again someone abducted Sophia. Terrified, Marissa hid under the table. Mrs. Charlotte and other students soon arrived upon hearing the scream. And they came to know that Sophia was also missing. Marissa felt guilty for not telling Kayla, but kind hearted Kayla forgave Marissa.

It was night 9:00 pm so they were eating in the cafeteria. After hearing about the answer of Joshua’s death “One fine spring day. Remember the auditorium” Kayla again suspect these deaths were going for Jasmine’s death.

Jasmine was a student who used to be the best friend of Kayla. She was the top student of the class. But, on one fine spring day she was found dead on the auditorium. Mr. Choi stormed off because he did not believe in ghost or any kind of spiritual powers. Then again the bell sound was heard. That time no one wanted to go. Mr. Chris went alone to kill the person because he still believes that there is no ghost just a person. And Mrs. Charlotte, Kayla and Kevin followed the instruction of the PA and came to a class. Again they found a question.

4th: By changing the spellings of the text, complete the sentence. => It consists of several kinds of anagram, associated with the array of old cell phone keypad.

They found the answer and it was “I know who killed me. My anger will endure, face the truth.” All the answers were related to Jasmine’s death.

But from the CCTV cameras live feed, they saw Mr. Chris with a mysterious woman standing at the staircase. But when all went there it was empty. Suddenly, they heard a beep sound when they headed there they saw Sophia was stuffed in the washing machine which was on. And the answer was written in her arm.

In the cafeteria the mysterious pressed Marissa’s mouth and pulled her. No, one noticed because they were all sleeping on the table.

On the lobby Mrs. Charlotte saw there one of the student, Brian, was eating their hall monitor, Leo’s hand, with a knife in his hand. But, when he saw Kayla he ran and tried to kill Kayla but, Kevin jumped in front of her and died in the act. Mr. Chris killed Brian by hitting him repeatedly on the  head with a blunt object. He thought Brian was doing all these thing. Kayla never cried for anyone but seeing Kevin dead, drained her strength. She loved Kevin. Then again the sound of the bell was heard. Which means Brian wasn’t doing it. Kayla lost her hope. But, following the instruction they came to a door that could only be opened by entering a password. The question was given.

5th: Input the number as password by resolving these association with this number sequence. Then, speak the meaning of the number. You have only one chance. : 5685 -> 2485 ->? To solve, focus on the inner 2-digit number. Multiply each 1-digit, and Focus on the outer side numbers, and then multiply each 1-digit, then the next sequence is 2485. Repeat this once more. And find the password.

The answer was 1320. Kayla said the meaning “1st place, 3rd and 20th student whose name was Jasmine.” The door opened, and saw that Marissa’s leg was tied upside down. She was alive. But if they were late, she would be thrown from the ceiling. But, the rope was too much strong to be cut. And, they didn’t have anything sharp. But the time was up. The rope was pulled up and thrown. Marissa died. That mysterious woman appeared, smiling. She tried to run away but Mr. Chris strangles the woman to death.

A memorial is held for the students killed, Kayla went to the roof top by crying but she was abducted unnoticed. On PA a person announce that one final question is still left. He shut all the doors started spilling gasoline. He said

6th: “2 years ago, on one fine spring day, my daughter was murdered by someone with a bear-shaped key chain. Who is it? Only the culprit would know the answer. Step forward and confess your sin; if you don’t, everyone here will die.”


Mark’s daughter, Jasmine, was a brilliant student. She worked hard for entering the elite group. But failed because the killed student’s (except Kevin and Brian) parents forced Mr. Chris to give the question paper. He gave them the paper and took their money. Jasmine saw that, and warned Mr. Chris to stop doing it and confess the truth, if not she would complain this incident to the principal. But, Mr. Chris killed her by choking her with his hands on her throat. That time she turned on the video camera on her phone and threw it on the floor. But, the whole face was not showed on the video. But then Brian saw it and he thought that he was haunted by Jasmine’s ghost.

Mr. Chris confessed his sin. Then Mark came and hugged him, said “I am sorry” and stabbed him. He killed him by a hitting his head with a hammer. Mrs. Charlotte released Kayla.

About a year later, on the day of result, Kayla was ranked top in her class and it was implied that Brian’s attacks was due to her being possessed by Jasmine since the beginning.


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