The Conservation of Happiness

You know how your mind tends to wander off on it’s own when you’re studying? Mine does too. Specially when I’m studying Physics.

There is that one set of laws that define our actions in this universe. The conservation laws.

Everything in this physical universe is a constant. So maybe everything in the other worlds work the same way? The worlds where words are the most desrructive weapons, and emotions run wild like a pack of wolves in the forest. The worlds where our minds rule, and happiness is wealth.

Maybe every psychological association with our physical counterparts  are also subject to such laws.

Maybe happiness is constant.

You hear about how the talented kid next door achieved brilliant results in his exams every week. And then you also hear about how sick your aunt has become, or the news of a funeral to attend. You wonder how one couple is happy and together, and another is on the brink of falling apart. And it all makes you wonder. Maybe for every smile there’s a tear shed. Maybe every pang of joy you feel brings sorrow to someone else. Because in nature, nothing is fair. Because in nature, everything has a balance.

Or maybe that’s not the case at all. Maybe the theory of conservation of happiness is as vague as the concept of happiness itself. Maybe I should research on it more. When I find some, that is.

Will you help me?


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