The Blank Page


I always thought holding on,
Was worth the pain it takes.
I thought in losing you,
I would lose a part of me too.
That I’d slowly become someone,
They no longer knew.
And it was too late,
I was horribly scarred.
It was too late when I finally let go of you…my dear?
Yet my heart felt much lighter.
And I learnt that somethings,
Were never meant to be mine.

You don’t have to love people
Who never cared for your smile.
Let go when you see its no longer worth your while.
Because sometimes the things you fight for,
Isn’t worth the cost,
It’s bound to be a loss.

I wanted to pen out the pain inside me,
Except, the page stayed spotless.
As I pondered, I realized,
This is what best described,
The emptiness inside me.
And thus I added to my book of poetry,
The blank page.


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