Blank Project.

As I peeped into the abandoned building,
looking for a place to enter,
the stagnant water on the stairs
welcomed me inside the narrow hole,
a rusty old sign flashed,
“Good life orphanage” and in small letters,
hardly visible, on second floor I read.
I rushed to the floor and knocked. Two women came out and gave me a smile.
“Are you here to see them?”
“yes!” I replied. I had a big project to submit next day,
then came a cluster of kids all encircling me,
looking at me like I am the new doll their mother got. And then it hit me… they didn’t have a mother or in fact, a family to be loved by.

I walked into the room, which was starting to look like an old garage which had been neglected for the greater part of the century.
Fifty kids in total.
It was like walking into a garden full of beautiful yet mismatching flowers,
but to society, they were nothing more than weeds. They all smiled with hope as they wondered if I would take them away with me and
give them all the love they deserve.

A 4-year-old boy, who barely could speak with his swollen jaw and skin full of patches
whispered in his chirpy melodious voice,
“Do you have a candy?”.
My heart sank, looking at him; my mind rushed back to my childhood,
when I begged my mother for some cotton candy,
I played games, rejoiced in my childhood.
By coming here, I had made them wonder how beautiful the world was. I gave them hopes of becoming something better soon.
But within, I knew this would all be in vain.
There was no future to look forward to. Nobody would accept them in this world,
the dreams they dreamt would be crushed and torn apart.
They were the dark pieces, mistakes of foul humans.
Poor children,
They were loved by none and their presence loathed by most.
As the hours passed,
it was my time to leave.
I could see the sad look in their eyes,
And I also felt the small kid letting go of my hand in acceptance.
This was a routine to them; they were like show pieces.
Each day a new visitor would show them sympathy,
and they would go back living their own life
leaving these poor kids all alone.
They waved me good-bye;.that’s when I realised.
Their futures were as blank as
the project paper I had to submit
the next day.

~Ricky Parker.


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