In This Amusing Stage

At the age of five,

was the time I realized that I was

Awake and alive.

The world was beautiful ,

This stage was colorful.

My favorite ones were red, pink, indigo, white

It was a time when my eyes actually shone bright.

I was the protagonist who’d thrive,

In this interesting play of life.

One who would slay the dragons,

Conquer mountains with laughter,

The hero who’d grow old with grand kids

and live ” a happily ever after”.

At the young age of twelve..

I reckoned I’d aim “higher”,

This time the protagonist will be..

A glorious martyr !

This time my favorites were

blue, green, silver,gold.

A heart filled with patriotism,

ideals and was bold.

With this soul I vowed to be of use,

This time, I will be Prometheus.

At the age of fifteen,

I had lost my part in the main cast,

This time, I’ll be assisting from the backstage ,

reminiscing my lost past.

At the age of seventeen,

I had lost my place on the stage,

The play continues, like the flipping of a page.

This time though, I’m with the audience,

silently I keep watch, with due obedience…

Neither do I feel happy, nor do I feel sad,

I just lost my role, yet I don’t even feel mad !

On and on the play goes, each act and each part,

The empty me sat,not caring for the end or the start.

The curtain falls, yet I can’t wake myself with a slap,

So I stood there , in the empty theater ,

gathered my palms and-

clap. clap. clap.

At the age of nineteen,

I’m standing outside the theater of life,

Apparently I ain’t suitable anymore,as I don’t have the drive.

Standing in the streets on a cold December,

“I still have a ticket to the play”, I slowly remember.









Envy, Anger,

Honesty, Danger.

Life or Death, it’s all just a game,

In this ridiculous play, you’d never stay the same !

It’ll go according to the Director’s script,

his unpredictable whim.

Who cares about your heart, passion?

Yer soul, dream?

With this epiphany, something I didn’t have before,

I started ripping the paper ticket,

for there’s no point, no more.

With a hysteric laugh, I threw away the shreds,

I got nothing to lose anymore, nothing to dread.

Whistling, I walk forward, never stopping on my tracks,

Leaving the theater of Life behind me, never looking back.

Void of ambitions, dreams, social norms, passions or goal,

On and on marches forward, this hopeless forlorn soul.art5


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