Come Back

I am just a broken glass now
So fragile, so lost.
Nobody cares about me,
Trying to find somebody
who will be with me forever
Crying out for help,
wishing the one in my heart
would come and save me
But since your gone
I have nothing to hold on,
no reason to live or breathe

It’s never been like this,
I never cried in my life
But you’re gone now.
when I think about the memories of us,
tears roll down my cheeks and make it red.
When anyone tries to cheer me up,
I wish you were here instead.
But since you’re gone everything just feels so wrong.
Have you ever seen me like this?
Why don’t you just come back ?
Why do you want break all the promises?
You said you won’t ever leave me.
Never let me be sad
But now you’re gone..
Leaving me all alone
with this painfull memories.

But now you’re gone to a place
which is out of my reach
Do you want to see me be so weak?
If no why can’t you just come back.
Don’t go leaving me alone..
Just let me hold you close for once so I can just say goodbye
But just don’t go leaving me here all alone.
since you’re gone everything just feels so wrong
Since you’re gone everything is like a wreck.

~Ricky Parker


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