Dear Me

A letter to herself.
By Indrani Chowdhury.

Dear Me,

How are you? I have not talked to you in ages. Are you still alone? I saw you a few days ago wandering by rickshaw. You seemed captivated and lost while watching the sky. I know that watching the sky is your first choice. Do you still remain awake at night and listen to music? Does Gazal still drag your attention? Do you watch the rising moon and count the stars? Do you still love Robert Frost? He was your inamorato. Who is writing you now? Everyone thinks you crazy for this activity but I know who you are.

I know you don’t mingle with people because of the fear of getting hurt. I have seen you walking away silently many times. Everyone has seen your smile. Only your pillows know what the truth is.

I need to talk to you. I want to know the real face of the people, need to apprehend the fake smile. Don’t leave me alone. You are my lost poem, you are the epic of distress.

Yours forever



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