Let your nightmares begin

Swaying slightly with the wind. They patiently waited. All set and ready posed for a family portrait.

Feets aligned as if stood on solid ground. But Alas! What’s this? Aligned, yes. But on empty air! Above a colossal staircase.

Image engraved deep into own’s mind. To never be erased for eternity.

They were hanging.
Wait, hanging? Yes, they were indeed hanging. Hanging from thick ropes. Swaying? Looks like it. Tattered & bloodied rags. So old, but yet so young.

But how?

Seems blurry. And just like that, like a camera lens being focused. Suddenly all seemed crystal clear. Further details were now exposed in plain sight.

There was one thing common.
A characteristic pattern.


Standing underneath them. So might as well start on describing their appearance bottom upwards.

Nails missing. Ripped off the flesh. Streaks of burned marks on tender skin. Lower side of the feet looked like a purplish mesh. Upon closer inspection tiny holes were visible.

Red hot needles. Jabbed.

Black bruises here and there on thighs. Claw marks adorned the calves and arse.

Whip marks filled the back. No single inch left untouched. Shoulder blades protruding outwards.

Messy knife wounds. Intestines hanging out. Gaping holes where the hearts once were. Except for one. A pure blue heart in place.Throbbing?

Back to description.

Scratches and cuts all over the arms. Dents in shoulders. Throats slit. Windpipe crushed and pulled out.

Splintered Bones.

Lips busted. Nose bent to an awkward angle. Eyeballs clawed out. Brain matter smeared on the forehead. Skull cracked.

A wail. A howl rose within. A voice heard before. A howl from the very belly of the being. A howl that jerked the bodies and shook the stale air of the mansion.

That came straight from you.
Yes, you!

Consequences must be paid.
Hope you have a good night.


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