AUTHOR: Hurshitha Vasudevan
AUTHOR EMAIL: justbarbie03@gmail.com
AUTHOR URL: http://Rickywicky.blogspot.in

We shared everything,
Every secret, every dream.
Little did I know, you would take my heart away and never give it back to me.
We were just friends.
Soon enough best friends
But little did I know,
I would want you as my girlfriend.

I smile at everything you say,
I cry whenever I see you sad.
I hate the everyone to death who dislike you.
Darling I would do anything for you,
So come to me now,
Be with me. I want you by my side now.
Cause I am suffocating to death
Your few words, your beautiful smile
Makes me go high
I feel like I am in the sky.

I gather up all my courage
To tell you how I feel,
You think I am being funny
And play along as though it’s not real
You hug me and kiss me
You make me go all insane..
Later you say, I am boring and it was all just a game.

Now here I am crying,
Cutting myself another time.
The pain feels so less
As compared to the pain I felt
When you broke my heart to pieces.
Now all I can do is look at you from backside
When I get too close to you
You push me like I don’t mean anything.
I feel so lonely
I wish I was so dead
My friends say get over her
But do they know how much I loved you..

Just look at me once
Give me one more chance
Be mine forever
Cause the world feels incomplete to me
Without you.

– Ricky Parker


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