Too Late

Maybe it wasn’t gonna work the way we planned.

Maybe it was gonna screw everything we had.

Maybe all that we had would fall apart.

Maybe all that’ll be left are two broken hearts.

With every lesson we earned a new scar.

All that we had would soon be gone.

With this fear, our thoughts were marred.

You never know what you had until it’s gone.

What was left of us was soon fading

My thoughts devoured me, while I was waiting

Finally one day you opened up but it was too late

What we had was long gone, there’s no debate.

All those sleepless nights

Chills running down my spine

Thinking was this what you wanted?

All this time wasted?

Falling and screaming all the way down

Alone and never wanted to be found

Voices shouting in my mind

Yet, I made no sound.

How could I?

Lights flashed before my eyes.

As I hit the ground .


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