Bucket lists : What are they and why they are important ?

Not to spoil the ending for you but you are gonna die.
But that doesn’t mean it is something you should be afraid of.
Lets think of death as a deadline for getting some things done and let’s get them done before that deadline. But the fun part is those things are only those you love and ones which make you happy.

What is a bucket list ?
It is basically a list of things one hasn’t done yet but wants to get them done before he/she dies.
It mostly consists of long term goals and not just small dreams people have.

Why you should have a bucket list ?
When was the last time you did something which you wanted and not because you have to ?  Something you wanted to do all your life ?

A bucket list makes you closer to achieving those things which make you feel alive and get a break from doing things like doing the laundry and etc.

What should you have in your bucket list ?
Things to do before you die sounds weird right but the main purpose of bucket list is to do things you wouldn’t have done so include long term goals. Another fun part of bucket lists is to share with your friends and then maybe copy some of their goals if that’s something you would love.

Focus on happiness
A bucket list is not to show that you did something in your life , it is about your happiness and it should only be for yourself and your happiness. As I said , it should include things that make YOU feel alive.

Check off things which you have accomplished
The best part of the bucket lists is when you check off one thing . Psychologists have found out that physically checking out something which you were eager to get done causes a release of endorphins which make you feel happy and elated. 

10 random things to include in your bucket list :

  1. Try skydiving
  2. Learn martial arts
  3. Learn archery
  4. Travel the world
  5. Visit the Opera House / Eiffel Tower / Statue of Liberty
  6. Climb the Mount Everest
  7. Participate in a marathon
  8. Go skiing
  9. Write your own autobiography
  10. Marry your first love

Do you think bucket lists are a good idea, and if so what would be on yours?



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