Night Talks Deceive

Here I am with the Prompt Games! Nothing much to say here because those of you who have read Alice and some of my other works know I write crazy stories that confuse everyone. A little heads up here, this story is about a boy being an alien to himself. It’s inspired by the song Yobanashi Deceive by IA (Vocaloid) and I’d advise everyone to listen to the song while reading this if they can. It helps a lot. Maybe re-reading this a few times will help a lot of people too. If you have any questions about certain things here, feel free to ask! Peace out!


Some say that the truth may hurt for a little but a lie will hurt forever.

What do you think?

Do you like lying? Or, are you one of those goody two shoes who prefer clinging onto the truth because ‘Mama said so’?


What about me?

That’s a funny question, you know.

But if I had to answer, I’d say….

Lying is my forte.

But I’m kinda bad at saying what I truly feel, you see.

It’s kinda funny, actually….

How my truest tales sound the most false!


There is a floating bebop sensation as the night claims the sunlight and everything turns pitch black. Not entirely black, though, and not entirely white either – somewhere in between, you know? The two-beat drop of the song playing in my head stops and I guess I can complain now, huh?


Yeah, you.

You want to talk for a little while?

It’s about a few stupid, hurtful habits but I’ve realized I can’t contain myself any longer so…how about I provide you an interesting story for a reasonable price, ok?

Well then, let’s get started, shall we?

I’ve actually been hiding some rather unique traits about myself for a while now….and pretended to be all normal!

Exciting, isn’t it?

But, I constantly worried about it.

And then, one day – has it been ten years, already? – a monster spoke to me.


‘Hey, hey, you like lying, kid?’

‘Yeah, yeah! It’s fun, isn’t it, Mister?’

‘Hmm, you’re a funny one, kid. How about I give you a present, then?’

‘A present? To a stranger like me? You’re a strange one, Mister. You aren’t lying to me, then?’

‘Me? Lying? Nah. It’ll be a gift for you, kid. The best gift you’ve ever gotten!’

‘Should I believe you, Mister?’

‘That’s up to you,’

‘….I guess it won’t hurt to believe you, then. What’s the gift, Mister?’

‘Close your eyes! Don’t want to ruin the surprise!’


 And then, the monster gulped down my heart and screamed “CONTINUE LYING!


Since then, I’ve always been a liar.

Wearing a mask made of smiling skeletons, one side black and the other white; no one’s ever caught me.

Y’know, I’ve been reduced to a monster, I think.


Hey, don’t cry!

It’s all just nonsense, okay?


(The mask in my hand sneers and isn’t this so much fun?)


Oh my, how dirty and shameful.

I keep deceiving ‘till the end.

But even though I say that…isn’t this feeling kinda uncanny?

I deceive and deceive and deceive and deceive and deceive.

Ah! Don’t mind, don’t mind! Just look the other way and let the lies pile up!

Today, too, I sneer at the tedium.


The bebop sensation remains, is it a shout-out to the girls who disappeared?

The two-beat song still plays for all the boys who hate lies and cries.

That’s right. In that same manner, another shady deal was made with him.

Gulped down all our hearts and that’s when we finally realized….


Even if all my dreams came true, I won’t be able to live in this world alone.

‘Is that also a lie?’ I ask.

‘No, no, it’s my true feelings!’ I reply quickly.

My collapsing brain is filled to the brim – man, what do I do now?


(The mask is no longer sneering and neither is it laughing anymore. I wonder why there’s a jagged line across it as if it’s cracking.)


Oh my, what a dirty and shameful creature I’ve become!

Listen to me now!

To my heart, to my selfishness, to this messed up lie, to the real me!

‘I’m so lonely,’ I say and I know I won’t ever change because it’s all just a lie, right?




I’m so disgusted by myself – what the hell did I become? – that I can’t help but sneer.

‘But, it’s all just a lie, isn’t it?’ I ask bitterly.

‘Isn’t it?’ I ask in return.

It is.

It isn’t.

It is.

It isn’t.

Ah, my head hurts now but…

I guess I deserve it, huh?


(The mask shatters and I laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. Who am I kidding? Of course, it’s not gone. It’ll never be gone. It’s all just a lie at the end.)


Oh my, how dirty and shameful!

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!

Listen to me even more!

I wonder if this disgusting me can be saved any longer?

‘No problem!’ I reply.

Ah, I haven’t changed at all.

‘Oops, I made a mistake,’ I say.

Once again, this uncanny me is stuck to this part of me.


(The mask of skeletons mends; the black and white returning like scattered paint across an empty canvas. It’s familiar, to be honest. Hey, isn’t that my broken little heart? That’s strange. Did I always have that white side to me? Nah, probably not. It’s probably deceiving me now.)


‘Hey, hey, is it to the black part?’

‘No idea. But it doesn’t matter, does it? Because – ‘

‘It’s all just a lie,’




(And that makes it all the more fun!)


Ah, I said too much, didn’t I?

In any case, it’s just a nonsensical story, y’know.

Well then, we’ll stop here for today. And then next time, when the signal sounds….

I’ll tell you an even stranger story.


4 thoughts on “Night Talks Deceive

  1. I honestly loved the story. It felt somewhat cool. I swear if this was recording with some voice backgrounds and posted on youtube , it would be pretty perfect.
    I absolutely dig this idea . This is how I like stories.
    Really well done.
    I like the rhetorical questions thrown in there. The first part was interesting so I kept reading.
    Good job.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thanks alot! I hope you actually understood what was happening with the narrator/main character going mad from the very beginning. It’s got itself a mix of horror, sadness and creepiness to it. There’s alot going on with his own story, his flashbacks, his own thoughts muddled in between and whatnot!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ll admit that this sorta stuff isn’t my forte, but they certainly are yours! I guess exposure to horror makes understanding horror that much easier. I loved how creepy this was, and honestly, if anyone has trouble understanding what’s going on here you can ask @railgun55 or me. We’d be happy to explain.

    Liked by 1 person

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