Dreams covered in natural beliefs
Eyes sparkling out of joy and pride
One must not stop, no relief
Until her opinion turns into a guide.

Her heart must not stop pounding.
The drive must never fade.
Push forward and never stop expounding.
Until you achieve for what you have prayed.
The butchers must be punished
for their sins,
And the morals must not fray.
Ill-minders should be banished
Or be educated before one starts to say.

Let’s pray to our Lord
For courage and strength.
Before the end of our life length
Before we lose the ability to afford
The power to convey
The righteous sayings.
Before night meets day.

Our dreams must be covered in natural beliefs
And so only then we must sigh with relief.
And be proud of what we have to say.

-Samara Hasan-


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