Did you know that you made me feel like the Queen?

There’s something about you. That makes me wonder. Actually no, not one but quite a few things about you.

I’m handing my battered heart to your hands. You now have full control of it.

Just one request. Please be gentle. Don’t break it. I don’t think I can glue it back again.

But I’m willing to take this risk. Why? You ask. You make me feel like myself.

When with you, I’m light as a feather. Smooth as the wind. Free as a bird.

You know, your hugs are like drugs. I can never get enough. Just being in your arms. Makes me feel safe.

The warmth of your embrace? I crave.
To hear your voice? Gives me butterflies.
Your kisses? I’m addicted and can’t withdraw.

You. Yes, you are my definition of pure ecstasy.

I Love You.


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