Orphan? No, I’m Superman.

Nine year old Jai, still roamed around the cities with bare feet, torn clothes and a pale, empty mouth that yearned for food. At least, a piece of bread would do. But, no. It wasn’t affordable. It would’ve been, if we would let them.
He stood helpless, no one bothered even eyeing him once. He looked around and saw nothing but cruelty. People would buy foods, clothing, or other necessities. But none took time to look at the poor boy who each morning would run to the train station, hoping, that this might be the day. This might be the day, when he finds his parents. Maybe they left him, but they had reasons, he thought. Maybe they cared, but couldn’t show. No matter what the other children in the slams said, he still defended his long-lost parents, praying that he’d find them and hug them tight.  Hug them so tight, and make them believe that they need not to worry and do not need the urge to leave their son like this. But life was much more tragic and painful than he imagined. Maybe they hadn’t just left him, maybe they left living. Maybe they left this world. Maybe they were broken apart by the cruelty and couldn’t handle the struggle. 

He grew. Two more years passed. Him, still looking for someone who’d take care of him, someone who he’d work for. Another of his companions, would ask him a question. He would say each day, that he had his mom, who he hands the money to, at the end of the day. But who does Jai have, to share the happiness with? 
And as he had done throughout his life, he would stay silent. He would always look up at the sky, and think to himself, what was actually the answer to this question?

One bright morning, when the sun was almost out, Jai gathered all his courage and started his journey towards the jungle. Trees surrounded his vision and wherever he could take his eyes to. His eyes traveled all over the forests, to stop at one spot. The sun almost rose, so he ran faster. Darkness was slowly being covered up by the dawn light. His heart thumped rapidly across his chest. He couldn’t breathe now. He inhaled and exhaled. Ran even more faster now. Moments of rapid marathon-like run passed, he finally reached a mountain-like structure that was assembled by some bushes. He climbed up to the top. And he finally got to his destination. He could see the morning sun blooming out from underneath the river that lay in front of his eyes. He was in an undeniably beautiful heaven. The sky was a mixture of blue, orange, purple and yellow colors, maybe more than he could ever explain. He felt the happiness run through each and every part of his body. His legs trembled by the cold breeze that the dawn held. Now, it was done. He could see the sun rise, just in front of his fresh, teary eyes.

It was clear. He had the answer to all the questions that came up. He whispered to himself, “Maybe God made life like it is now. Maybe He took my parents away. He had reasons, maybe. Maybe he liked them too much. But now, if anyone asks me if I’m alone, if I’m an orphan, I can say, that I, at this age, got to know the nature to the depth. I discovered life, being how it works now. I saw the sun rise just below my eyes. Am I not special? You say I’m an orphan. But I say, I made it this far. It is not your cup of tea. I should be called ‘Superman’ like in the movies. Now, I’ll say, “Orphan? No, I’m Superman”.


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