Life moves on

They decided to meet outside their college for the last time. They decided they would live on. They decided that a last smile, a last stare, a last talk will help them move on.

So at the due time at the due place they met. They talked a little, laughed a little with hidden sorrows in their hearts. They wanted that moment never to end. But it had to. Somehow time passed by, and they had nothing to do. They couldn’t stay with each other. Their differences, their incompatibility forced them to part their ways even though they loved each other a lot. They couldn’t deny the reality.

Then THE time came. They had to leave, they had to go back to their own worlds. It wasn’t an easy task for both of them. But they just had to! They said their last goodbyes. Both started to walk their own ways, and both looked back and saw tears in each other’s eyes. But that parting was inevitable. That was their destiny. After that day onwards, their time with each other remained nothing but a memory. They both had many things to say to each other. Now, they can’t express themselves anymore. It was all over that day. The most ironic was- life moved on. The promises they made had no value now. Although they wanted to live.each other, they couldn’t, they didn’t. They had to move on. This is life.

A strange world it is.


2 thoughts on “Life moves on

  1. Lovely post.
    Goodbyes are weird because there is nothing good about the byes.
    Very nicely written. Reminds me of some melancholy memories :’)

    Some parts I found a little out of place where
    1. Line 5 – They wanted that moment never to end.
    I think maybe it could have been written as ” They wanted that moment to never end ”
    Small change but sounds a little better.

    2. Line 15 – The most ironic was- life moved on.
    Maybe ” The most ironic thing was – Life goes on ” ? Maybe ?

    Other than that everything else was coherent and looks really good.
    Well done !
    Keep writing !!!


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