You Never Knew

There was a time when we were happy
But now it’s just a memory
I don’t know what went wrong
Were you pretending all along?
I remember when you said forever
I guess your “forever” meant never.
You were the only friend I needed
Now our little friendship is dead
All I wanted to was to be in your presence
Now it doesn’t even matter does it?
It felt exactly like a dream
That changed to a nightmare with an evil grin.
The pain even showed on my wrists
Why’d the plot have such a terrible twist?
I never wanted to let you go
But I can’t take it anymore
Couldn’t bear seeing you leave
When I need you to be there for me.
Lost myself trying to find you
But you don’t care, do you?
Remember when I was there for you?
When you shed tears, I cried too!
In my little universe, you were the brightest star.
Now, you’re my deepest scar.
You never knew, how much I cared for you.
You never knew, the tears I shed for you.


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