Don’t Let Them Know

Self-resolve broken.

Fight in self, gone.

Eyes dull & lifeless.

Smile strained & fake.


Take a deep breath.

Make sure it’s not shaky.

It should be strong.


Put a poker face on.

Let no emotions show.

Never let your guard.

Build sky high walls around

your heart.


Don’t cry.

No tears allowed.

Hold them in.

No matter how hard.


Pain in the chest,


Body convulses,



It hurts.


Willpower ,

To maximum point.


Inside of mind.


With own body.


Crimson red.

Metallic taste.

Running rivers.


Burning fire.

Glass shattered.

Loud explosions.

Utter destruction.




Breathe in. Breathe out.

Relax for the sake of show.

Meant to be hidden.

Don’t let them know.







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