The Good kind of Bad

Did I not warn you? Did I not tell you how broken I was, already?
You kept pushing me to the depth and I kept on breaking into smaller pieces with every move of yours. Or let’s just say, every word of yours.
Is this how this world works? Like, do we always got to end up among people, who are so selfishly cruel? Who just think about none, but themselves, well in some way.
You stood only by yourself, you polished my wounds with all your sweet, yet so deeply hurtful words. You consoled me that all you did or do, was to get me bliss. But how on earth did you not realize, how unwanted I felt, when I smiled?
You said, you only cared about me and my happiness, but yet, how come you hurt me like a torn apart mind without knives? In fact, by just your so called ‘sweet actions’. This is how I felt, and this is where you belong. There’s an empty space in my heart called ‘nowhere’. And this is your ultimate destination towards me. With your intentions of getting through me, you lost all the respect for you that I had held tight till now. Just so you would change. But it was only me, who thought like that. Not you. Nothing changed in you.
I may not be able to get away with all the reasons you gave me to cry, but I can hope, that this ain’t the end. There’s a lot more cries still left. That only you own, and not me.


9 thoughts on “The Good kind of Bad

    1. Actually this post was intended for a Facebook page, but I was thought to put it up here as well. This might be why I didn’t bother adding tags or a picture. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for your time and support though! πŸ™‚ I’ll be adding them up soon.

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