Nothing for Her

Crying-WomanWalking down my mind’s lane,
I saw my mother cry.
Every night it happened the same,
And I always asked – why?

Then I had been seven or eight,
For father I saw her wait and wait.
Came the sun and still no sight,
Her day was dark, being so bright.

Daily I saw her cooking for us,
Cleaning and washing, and nothing for her.
She went to the shop, on the local bus,
Taking food – for his hunger.

Turning nine or ten, I watched him go,
Leaving my mother – ‘why’, I don’t know.
After couple years, I saw him again,
With a new lady, and also children.


6 thoughts on “Nothing for Her

  1. I see all your poems have the same structure which some may find repetitive but I think its your trademark. However I will love for you to use some different forms and try other types of poetry like blank verses or try exploring Dark poetry.
    I like the picture . It is attractive enough for me to read the poem. Good job.


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