I’ll Play My Part

david-beckham-the-prince-on-a-white-horse-hi-830260In the world in my mind,
It was a horse I would ride.
With a crown on my head,
And my sword drenched with red;

Galloping across thousand miles;
The preventing monsters will paint my blade.
High as where the bird flies,
To win you – which they say God made.

You women dream of a charming prince,
On a white horse, who’ll kiss your lips.
I dream of being that charm –
Playing my part won’t do any harm.


4 thoughts on “I’ll Play My Part

  1. Well written.
    A little advice – Try increasing your vocabulary for these short poems.
    The basic rule to follow is short poem = huge vocab ; big poem = small use of vocab.
    Have a good day !


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