Whenever I’m There!

black-and-white-photography-11Mornings don’t start with cold quivering hands on your cheeks to wake you up. They don’t start with your feet being pulled by another, under the blankets. It only happens Whenever I’m there! 

Someone calling out, “Is your night over yet or not?”, with laughs. I yawn and smile. My cousin, probably the double of my age, but we’re still pulling hairs of one another. Then it was around ten of one winter morning. All gathered at a place, just once in a year we get to feel this bliss. After getting back, we had so much to miss.

Someone again calling out, “Are you done looking at the mirror? Now rush here or your tea will melt into a juice. ” I laugh and head to the dining. Cups of tea and jars of salted biscuits lined up all around the tables. We sit and eat like one big family. They always pamper us and shower so much of love.

Then we head for a walk. Anywhere. And everywhere. No limits for me. Whenever I’m there! Whenever I’m home!
Those streets, those mesmerizing fields, children playing around, noises and cheers of them in joy, and I walk through the middle. They stare at me as they find me different. I was, in a totally different world there. I keep on walking and explore. What a life they had!
Then we come across a field and start running here and there, watching those birds, and all those flowers floating over ponds on the way. I feel free, like totally free! No one is out there to stop me!

I notice that I’m surrounded with cold breeze, bunch of animals, greenery and happiness.

As far I can take my eyes to, I only see the fields going on and on and like it never ends.

I get home afterwards and hear voices, “Where have you been? I’ve got this, this and that for you.” I smile and feel as special. They’ll always care, and I’ll always love and stare!

We then sit in the courtyard just to admire the winter sunlight. We talk, we laugh, and brother teases me as always but I still love every bit of that happiness. Those laughs, those funny jokes of my cousins, and those memories!

Everyday was like a dream, how beautiful life did seem!

And oh my nieces! They were both little adorable dolls! They ran everywhere around the house and I would join them, cuddling. Those fields were undeniably satisfying! I could only see peace wherever I could take my eyes to! Everything seemed to be perfect just the way it was!

No matter if the lights went off, we still gathered with torches, candles, or whatever we found and looked at each others’ faces that looked ridiculously funny in the dark and laughed over them.

My elder brother gave us a ride and we admired the astonishing views of the village life! The other one would take us to the fields and we ran again.

There was something new and adventurous each day!
Things that words can’t explain! Things that I want to feel again!
Those twelve days of my life! That December! 

It was now time to come back. Felt sad, but yet glad that I was bringing along a suitcase of memories that are unforgettable and forever cherished.

Those days! 

Those nights! 

Those laughs! 

Those fun! 

That friendship! 

The happiness that I had felt!

It only happens Whenever I’m there! Whenever I’m home! ❤


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