Life took them away

Walking down the lane,
I saw the young me.
Seeing myself cry then,
Maybe I was three.

The cry was valid,
So was the sorrow.
I saw her bleed,
She had no tomorrow.

Dad already bought the farm,
When I was only two.
Not much later, but a year,
My only, too, left to the blue.

Life took my dearests,
I felt there’s more.
At least I had an aunt,
Stayed behind her door.

I blame life for what it did.
Taking my folks,
Whom I most need.
I kept hope,yes,
Till the muddy bed.
Now tears to the life,
Which I so regret.
Trust me it’s my life
That I most hate.

Can’t wait to die,
If it’s the only way.
The way to my folks whom
I dreamt to meet one day.



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