-Short Retreat-

Little did they know,
The sound of the armors, crackling made her shiver.
Made her remember the wounds that the bows
And the battle gave her.
Little did they know,
It’s been ages since she put down her sword
And prayed for the best to her Lord.
She stripped metal after metal
Knowing the result could be fatal.
All debts were left unsettled.
All flags were raised.
To declare a loss.
The fire was blazed.
She decided, she will cross, the bridge.
And so her badges were tossed,
As she kneed to the ground.
And confirmed her defeat.
Looked up at the bloodhounds
And knew her mission was incomplete.
It was not an act of cowardice.
It was a short retreat.
It was the plans of Satan, she had to memorize.
So the sins did not repeat.
She promised a guaranteed win.
But she will not repeat the sin.
Little did they know,
She will come back stronger.
Won’t let the war last longer.
Maybe losing is the best way to win.
Even if it means to cut off one’s own skin
-Samara Hasan-

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