Song Of The Mute Raven

The dawn of a new day brings forth the dawn of darkness
Stuck in the wrong side of heaven
Where prayers do not reach
Where blood sheds more than tears
Our cries don’t overlap the sirens of death
Fighting for the flag till the end of every breath
Walking well armed, witnessing the kids playing in the sand
The war continues and I wipe my tears
While I dig their graves with my own hands
Kids, elders patriarch offered no compromise
Once smiling, next witnessing their family’s demise
The memories of the dead wars with my smile
This war holds no merit
Killing millions, leaving no one to benefit

The winter of solitude approaches, I stand alone singing my song
What has become of us? Killing our sons with the bullet aimed
We are God’s creation, He sees all from the heavens above
Being the creator of such monsters wouldn’t He feel ashamed?
Victims of law and order, spectators of mindless brutality
We fight the war, offering no love nor hospitality
You can hate me and push me against the wall
But can you look me in the eyes, hand held against the heart
And say the wars we fight is not wrong?
We lost so many, left millions homeless
Yet we continue warfare against our own kind
Deaf to the voice of humanity by the sound of bullets
War was never the solution, ends with 3 letters in the dictionary
But it’s a never-ending show of homicides and criminal acts in reality
We may get the victory but at what cost?
A million medals can never replace the blood our brothers have lost

Brothers in arms, sent into politics given the name of war
We fight wars being forced by orders from the people superior
We are damsels in distress and to them our blood remains inferior
You give us guns and order us to kill one another
Give the citizens false hope of peace and unity
We drop our bombs and leave kids to cry in vain
As they wipe their tears beside the grave of their dead mother
Yet this remains unseen by the citizens as this is a news which your media will never cover.


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