Is it so easy to say sorry?

You came into my life, as a passing wave
And I considered it as a coincidence.
Then with a single blink, you took away all you gave
Just so it all changed in an instance.

Was it so easy? Might’ve been, for you.
But yet I lay here entreating for the old you.
It was all so beautiful back then.
Everything was in place when!

When I refused to be with you, you left me restless through
And broke me into pieces
Left me with only the kisses
I needed stitches, and you handed me pisses
But I still walked though couldn’t run like before
Like a single wave that was flowing along the shore.

Those moments passed and I moved on.
Cared for myself and none.
Again you’re here,
Playing me like a board game
Having thought, I would be the same.
You simply said,
Let go of the worry! I am sorry.
I laughed.

Is it so easy to say sorry?
Words stood valueless in front of those mistakes
For all those selfless forsakes.
I had tried, but ended up with nothing and cried.
Now it’s all over.
I’m changed, forever.
Now I just wanna say goodbye!
And you’re free to fly.
You’ll see soon how you die.


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